Declined Metropolis please?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Metropolis, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. Metropolis

    Metropolis Mildly Menacing Medic Contributor


    Hey, how do we get Metropolis map added onto the Skial payload servers?

    It was on for a few weeks and then got pulled.

    You can remove Barnblitz or Upward or Thunder Mountain.

    Barnblitz has a lot of lovers, I don't know why really. But those other two, no one really likes.

    Anyway, you can add Metropolis in now and then mix the maps up in another month from now, keep it interesting...
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  2. Droplet

    Droplet Positively Inhumane Poster


    As far as I remember, a huge amount of players left the server whenever metropolis came on and hence it got removed.
    I doubt it would be added back any time soon.
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  3. øѝє-єчєԃ-ѣєє

    øѝє-єчєԃ-ѣєє Sufficiently Lethal Scout


    I once played on a payload rotation server that had metropolis in its rotation. Whenever that map came, everyone rocks the vote (or in a worse case, empty out the server)

    And for upward being hated~~it's just because too many people play it, it's like the Turbine/2fort of payload.

    so yeah no -1
  4. Meowcenary

    Meowcenary TF2 Admin Contributor


    As someone already pointed it out no one was really playing on it. Kept emptying out the server

    I also think there was talk about the map causing crashes as well, which is even worse.
  5. Tyknighter

    Tyknighter Totally Ordinary Human


    It was not causing crashes it just reset the sever and no one left the same problem was on Goldrush to but it was fixed I think. As for this map sadly yes it did empty out the sever for that one night and was sadly removed.
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