Spectacularly Lethal Soldier
My updated version of the map is officially live! I've gotten many opinions on the map and I'm still looking for feedback.
Full list of changes here

Please tell me what changes you like and what you don't, be honest. Play the map before suggesting anything.

I would like to know what you all think of the following.
  • Do you guys like the skybox or should I change it?
  • You like the props?
  • Should I make the ramp next to the pyramids thinner so you do not get stuck here?
If you have any other proposed changes, please put them here. I can always update the map (or roll back some parts to the older version)! :grinning:


Spectacularly Lethal Soldier
More fixes! @Bottiger


From here on out if changes will need to be made, they will be named _se5, _se6, etc.
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Spectacularly Lethal Soldier
vsh_military_area_se5.bsp DOWNLOAD

Most of the changes here are map optimizations and bug fixes. Cosmetic changes are colored blue

Secret room changes (imgur link)
  • Added rim to metal walkway
  • Added areaportal at doorway
  • Added cubemap
  • Lighting slightly adjusted in room
Miscellaneous changes
  • Water puddle texture changed (it's clearer now)
  • Shipping container props rotated one degree to align with a 15 degree increment
  • Added nodraw to many faces that can't be visible
  • Miscellaneous brush fixes
  • Tied wooden platform (the one above the upgrade station and other props) to world instead of func_detail
  • Removed unnecessary skybox brush under the map, replaced with nodraw
  • Skybox slightly reshaped
  • Cut some visleafs(hints) for more fps in certain cases
  • Area portal added at spawn door
  • Occluders added to shipping containers and cap platform structure

Expect 5-20% more fps when playing

setpos -69.613800 -1328.892944 139.031311;setang 4.485014 80.863342 0.000000 (spawn)
setpos 667.800720 -1944.101074 139.031311;setang 1.944026 97.907753 0.0000 (secret room)
setpos 861.604858 -344.581177 333.031311;setang 9.831037 137.095825 0.000000 (wooden platform)

1)300/280 +7%
2)320/260 +23%
3)330/280 +18%
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Somewhat Threatening Sniper
What about this remake of Military Area I came across? It actually looks like a legit Valve map and not an MS Paint doodle.

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Gaben's Own Aimbot
I like it. I like it. Let's reduce the HP's to 50% and it's good to go.

The health packs?

That's one of the things that makes the map so popular

I think it makes the map unbalanced yeah but taking away what players like about the map even if its somewhat unbalanced isn't the best idea imo


Somewhat Threatening Sniper
I think the health packs are somewhat necessitated by the small size of the map. You are always in danger because Hale is always near you. Thus, you have to take risky actions more often that result in more health loss. Therefore, the packs make up for that aspect of the gameplay.

Cream Tea

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That remake looks good.

As for the health-packs if you had half size ones I think it would change the game-play too much. Everybody is used to rocket jumping and getting all their health back in certain spots.