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LoLAccShop.com - Safe Unranked Smurfs | Starting at 9€ for 60K BE | 1 Month Warranty

Discussion in 'Professional' started by Undernoxo, Jun 11, 2019.

  1. Undernoxo

    Undernoxo Banned

    Hello and welcome to our thread,

    We at LolAccShop.com are dedicated to selling the best League of Legends accounts that the current technology can offer.
    Our main priority is to make our accounts as safe as possible, while offering the highest Blue Essence at popular prices.

    During 2019, we've had 0.5 - 1% banrate on our accounts! It might sound like a lot, but it's really not. Botted accounts always carry a risk of being banned, and some sellers do not put much effort in making accounts secure, therefore they have much higher banrate. We're not like them.

    We've been in the business since 2013 with thousands of sold accounts and 99%+ of satisfied customers on G2A, ePvP and other selling platforms.

    Our main product right now are Unranked Level 30+ 60K+ BE account selling, and we are avaliable on major servers, such as:
    EUW ( Europe West ) , EUNE ( Europe Nordic & EAST ), NA ( North America ), LAN ( Latin America North ), LAS ( Latin America South ) & TR ( Turkey ) .

    UNRANKED LVL30+ 60K BE +Random Skins​

    • Fresh Account, recently leveled with 98%+ winrate and good kda.
    • Contains a minimum of 60.000 Blue Essence.
    • Contains a minimum of 3.000 Orange Essence.
    • Contains many Random Skin Shards ( to unlock Skins ).
    • 5 champions owned
    • Good name and Unverified Email.
    • 1 month warranty for botting / account selling / account Locked.
    • Price is 10€. You can use this link for each region! EUW | EUNE | NA | LAN | LAS | TR
    • Don't forget in checkout to apply coupon "SKIAL10%" for a 10% discount in your order!

    Unlike other sellers that are selling stolen / cracked accounts that will get recovered by their true owner, we are only selling botted accounts, they will never get recovered or sold to multiple buyers. You can add your own email, change password, as you would on your account!

    You can order these by adding us in Skype/Discord or asking for a TBM Trade here on ePvP MP!
    You can also purchase at our website for 24/7 Instant delivery!
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2019
  2. Undernoxo

    Undernoxo Banned

    Thanks everyone for the interest and using our website! We did not expect that many sales as of lately.
    Having that said, we've upgraded all our accounts from 40K Minimum to 60K Minimum , while still having the same price.
    This is due to the 10th Anniversary & Worlds rewards, so these accounts will be avaliable for a limited time.

    Any question , we're avaliable on our website Live Chat or support@lolaccshop.com
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2019
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