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Hello Skial. For you some (new and old members) the old ones know me as CC. To anyone new to the Fourms. Hello.

Why am I back?

I wanted to come back to a home I miss, I wanted to make things right and fix things. I was a while diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. I have been getting that taken care of and been much more of a calm and well rounded person after alot of work.

Im back to say sorry to the people I have hurt, If you dont accept my sorry, thats ok. I do want to make a change. @Defibyoulater contact me and I will pay you back the $40 you gave me, Via a steam game, a knife or Paypal.

Im not back to start problems, Im here to start friendships I broke (if any existed)

Im not here to pull a passive pyro and 'say' im better. I want to make it better.

So I hope you can all find it to forgive what I have done in the past and move on and be apart of this community again.

Thanks guys.
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its hard to tell whether this is legit or not because so much has not been, but its not a big deal either way. i think i believe you. more posts to read either way, more opinions.

the bipolar thing is believable though, i kind of had a hunch.


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Im 20 so dont think theres much room for growing up. Just not growing into an old crazy man yet.

You're 20.

That's still young, bro. There's a lot of room in you for growing up whether you realize it or not.


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welcome back nerdboy, growing up is cool and smart too, we can only hope others follow your example


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Welcome back. It takes courage to come back and try to turn wrongs into rights.


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Welcome back, beware of people dumb rating you because that's the way it is around here.
Check out how many dumb ratings great people like T-Wayne have received.
It's not "the way it is around here". Try checking your own behavior instead of blaming the environment or other people.


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I don't want that to happen, but I'm shocked I wrote someone a new review on an app and I get dumb rated 10 times when I spent 5 hours making that draft for my friend. And it still made me mad so that's why I posted my post because it still triggered me. I don't get how people label other people dumb, their just rude in general.