Problem solved. Laptop recommendations.

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Cowboy Crow, Oct 26, 2015.

  1. Cowboy Crow

    Cowboy Crow Australian Skial God Contributor

    So my 5 year old lap top I used for school is broke. The screen is cracked. Im not sad tbh because its a shitty Gateway that I got for 299, its done its job. So Im looking for something new. Im not looking for anything amazing 400 - 600 price range. Prefer anything that can be good for multi use, such as studies and be ok at gaming (not a big requirement for gaming but it would be a nice bonus). Im not looking for anything specific on specs.

    Only big requirement is its not windows 8.
    Prefer to avoid Dell products unless its a good known laptop. Iv had very bad experiences with many Dell products.
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  2. Cowboy Crow

    Cowboy Crow Australian Skial God Contributor

    Seems silly to post this sand then an hour later cut it, but I found something I was looking for. Ignore this.
  3. ozzeh / dave

    ozzeh / dave Australian Skial God Contributor

    what did you pick?
  4. slowguy

    slowguy Somewhat Threatening Sniper

    mgi has decent ones around 600 if you are still unsure
  5. Cream Tea

    Cream Tea Banned Legendary Mapper

    Have you tried windows 8.1? I have an HP pavillion with windows 8.1, and okay I would prefer windows 7, but it doesn't seem to crash as much as the original windows 8 and runs TF2 with high settings for models/textures/shaders and etc. very well. 8.1 also starts me at the desktop, instead of starting at that stupid tile screen.
  6. Cowboy Crow

    Cowboy Crow Australian Skial God Contributor

    TBH looking around I found some really good tablets on sale. Ill post them later if anyones interested. The tablet can do way better stuff then my gay way does from footage iv seen of it. And I really was looking for something smaller then a laptop. Kinda stuck with it having a form of Windows 8 on it but I guess I can get over that.

    If i can get the tablet I want for $80 and it can run games 10x better then my 300 pile of crap laptop. Then I think im set. (Note I don't use a laptop as my main pc so don't yell at me.)
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