Resolved Kiwirar - Attempting to ban a player for playing the game

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    Attempting to ban a player for playing the game

    Player Name:


    12:29pm through 12:41

    2FORT+ | LA

    Detailed Explanation / Screenshots / Demos:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Explanation on what happened. I got off harvest because there was alot of people there so I decided to play 2fort LA since there were 16 players at the time. Joined and saw few people being friendly, and others playing normally. I carried on and played as I normally would as an engineer. Panic attack and short cricut. Which quickly angered a few players on the enemy team to which started to throw crude remarks through voice chat in an attempt to smear my image and anger me.

    After some time majority of my team and the enemy team went friendly. I left some alone, and kept killing the same people I have killed since I first joined, like wise, they'd focus only on me. They grew more and more frustrated and opted to vote kick me from the server for "Griefing".

    The first vote didn't succeed, after seeing the vote didn't go through, Kiwirar started another vote kick a while later, again reason being "Griefing". Vote again did not go through, shortly after he was auto balanced to my team and left the game due to that.
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