Key Swap

Mildly Menacing Medic
This is an automatic bot service, which help you easy swap your keys between CS:GO, TF2 or gems

➤Buy my 8 CSGO keys for 9 your TF2
Buy my 19 TF2 key for 18 your CSGO keys
1 my TF2 key - 8300 your gems
1 your TF2 key - 6600 my gems

Please check bot profile for a prices. Rates could be changed time to time
You can easy swap your keys, for example:
List of possible swaps:

CS:GO case keys to Mann Co TF2 crate keys
CS:GO case keys to gems

Mann Co TF2 crate keys to CS:GO keys
Mann Co TF2 crate keys to gems

Gems to CS:GO case keys
Gems to TF2 Mann Co keys

Carefully check bot's pricelist. Left side - you can take from bot, Right side - you have to give to bot. Any other trades will be declined

Add the bot to friendlist or send a Trade offer
Link to see current bot prices

Note, that bot can accept or decline your trade offers only, bot can't trade via chat or send counter-offer to you

If bot doesn't accept your trade, just check you're using the correct price
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