Join our cozy server mates!

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    Join our cozy server mates!
    Here's a bit of a background of why this server came to life. I usally only play on one community server because I just never found casual fun for some reason, also you can find the most awesome people on community servers. I do play casual sometimes but mostly on a community server. My friend mostly played casual but he also regurarly joined this one community server.
    Well, it was hosted by skail. I guess now you can understand why the server got created but if you don't here are some reasons : Skial has bots, I guess this is somewhat justified so it invites players on the server but if you already have 4-6 players I don't think it's a good idea to have those annoying buffed bots. It also has a taunt limit, that is completly unnecessary honestly. The logo is also an issue but community servers mostly have that and you can disable it but again, unnecessary. We mostly wanted a server that is comfy, good to play on sort of like a diner that you visit every afternoon. The server has mod support so you can enjoy some of those smooth custom animatons and lightwarps you can find on gamebanana. Random crits are also disabled, same with random bullet spread. We have a custom map rotation too, some of the amazing workshop maps are also included and dudes trust me, they look gorgeous indeed. We are open for suggestions about the server. Alright, I finished my rambling hopefully the said rambling was inviting enough for you folks out there.

    Join us:
    Region : EU, Germany

    Author: ShadowTH321
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    I forgot what the huge issue with the little logo was now.
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