Resolved Jermaphobe - Jermaphobe ADMIN Abuse / False Ban

Discussion in 'Reports' started by zuhn, May 22, 2020.

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    Jermaphobe ADMIN Abuse / False Ban

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    Apparently I was banned after donating 10$ by Jermaphobe, I asked him in discord, here is our conversation. I don't have any alt accounts that play TF2 and have never been on skial, and are not banned. They only play CS;GO as this is my main game that I retired in. He is very unhelpful in discord, as seen in the chat logs. I am very dissapointed that this is the treatment I get after making a donation, I never expected to be permanently banned for something I wasn't even their for. I played tf2 a few hours ago on surf and then I went to play Garry's mod and come back to this. I know ranting won't help, but I just don't appreciate the unproffesional behavior from Jermaphobe, especially for something like this that is very confusing for me. I don't have proof that I don't hack because I don't record my tf2 footage, but this does not mean that I cannot be unbanned. I am a 2008 TF2 veteran, I have no reason to hack, epecially with such an expensive inventory. Hopefully this admin gets some training because it would be sad to see someone else to get banned for hacking without even knowing it, and hopefully it doesn't happen to anyone else.
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