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Discussion in 'Technology' started by Enigma, Apr 8, 2012.


Should I buy one? (In used condition)

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  1. Enigma

    Enigma Server-Clearing Cynic Contributor

    So I'm thinking of getting one, but I don't know if it's reallly worth it. Right now I have an itunes account filled with movies, songs, etc., and a Nook (theres an app for B&N). My job doesn't require the need of it and, for now, I don't own any type of Apple laptop. To be frank, is it worth it just for the non-business/work side?

    P.S. If you own one please post why you like/dislike it
  2. [TC]CreepingDeath

    [TC]CreepingDeath Australian Skial God Contributor

    My wife has an iPad 2. It's... Eh... Alright. I've since gotten myself an Asus Transformer Prime and find it to be vastly superior. Android fits my needs much better. I use widgets and prefer the organization of apps in a separate drawer rather than tossed onto the desktop.
  3. JarlyX

    JarlyX Legendary Skial King

    My friend had one, it wasn't much difference between the first one. I don't really like Apple that much, you are just so.. locked, or so to say if you don't want to jailbreak it. However if you have an iTunes account with actual paid stuff on it, i'd say why not. If you take an interest in new apps and games you'll like it since its almost always developers for iOS that break through at first and the games later get ported to Android. Fruit Ninja, Temple Run, etc.
    It also depends on how much freedom you want with it. However you'll find that both Android and Apple can suit your needs just fine. Myself, i would have gotten Android because of the versatility of the tablets. You can either get a monster one with awesome hardware or just small/discrete one like the Galaxy Tab. If you're in for customization go with an Android with the possibility of ROMs and widgets.
    I don't really know the price of iPad 2 right now, since the reveal of iPad 3.
    Apple laptops are not necessary, they are just overpriced as hell for the kind of hardware they come with.
  4. pr1mus da scr1pt

    pr1mus da scr1pt Rage-Inducing Forum Troll

    my dad has one, it's a bit of a gimmick. i'm the one who has the hold his hand whilst i explain the stupid thing (he's been using a computer daily for the past 9 years and he still doubleclicks everything because he's technologically inept).

    i don't care for it, it's another fad that'll die out, hopefully. it's just another thingamajig apple shat out to appeal to the crowd that grab their iWhatever and rotate it 180 degrees constantly and get amazed that the picture adapts to the way you are holding it.
  5. PsychoRealm

    PsychoRealm Australian Skial God Contributor

    iPad 2 and Galaxy Tab are in the same price range. I bought my wife Galaxy Tab because of couple of things:
    1. Android (you can even root it), even though Honeycomb is not that stable as iOS;
    2. Better Cameras;
    3. GPS receiver (iPad has none).
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  6. PsychoRealm

    PsychoRealm Australian Skial God Contributor

  7. Roman

    Roman Banned Contributor

  8. PsychoRealm

    PsychoRealm Australian Skial God Contributor

    means they were sold.
    Brief price overview:
    used Galaxy with leather cover 32GB: $300
    used iPad 32GB: $400.
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