how to make my game run better?

I'm new to this subreddit and i need help. my computer is a r7 1800x and i have a Nvidia 1080ti. my game stutters online in skial servers every once in a while and i don't know why. I've searched far and wide for maybe an answer, and all i get are 'configs' 'close all background programs' and 'clean your pc'. as of today I've done all of them. please help i can't take it anymore, is this game just really badly optimized or am i missing something? what do you guys do? I'm completely out of the loop. i tried mastercomfig and launch options. i got it to work decently but the graphics are subpar. i guess my question is, is there a better way to handle this or is it just a lost cause?

Author: slxppyanxziety