How to get dota 2?

Discussion in 'Dota 2' started by Chiefmiest, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. Chiefmiest

    Chiefmiest Server-Clearing Cynic


    I see it's 30 dollars in store but some people get a key or something to play. Does the key last forever? Or how do you get dota 2?
  2. Derpingson

    Derpingson Face-Melting F2Per


    If you do a quick search on outpost, you can easily get a tradable copy of DotA2 for 2 Rec tops. You can prob get one for 2 scrap in 10 minutes of searching, prob way less though.

    Right now, DotA2 is in Beta. It's not exactly an open beta, but not really a closed beta either. Not everyone can join.

    Essentially those keys in the store are access to the closed beta, but keep in mind that Alienware has given ~10k DotA2 keys before (Which actually upon activation, gave you two other copies and was essentially a 3-Pack) and Valve recently gave away 4-6 copies per "active" DotA2 player. (TL; DR of this part: It's in closed beta but closed beta access is spreading like wildfire.)

    Oh yeah, it's also going to be F2P when it comes out.
  3. Rhi

    Rhi Australian Skial God Contributor


    I will give you a free copy! Add me :)
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  4. xavanish

    xavanish Unremarkable User

    I can sell u an invite very cheap... pm me
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