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Suspicion of someone hacking on the server
  • If you suspect someone is cheating, the first thing you never do is call them out in all chat or voice chat. If this does happen this will give the cheater time to turn off whichever hack they are using and the chance of spectating them in the act is dramatically reduced (unless they are careless of how they are hacking). In the case this does happen Skial admins can check the stats of said hacker to check the timeframe of someone suspected to be cheating (which can be hard at times because now-a-day most hacks are hidden well and not as obvious).

Developer Console

  • First thing you need to do is open console with the " ` " button on your keyboard, and if it's not enabled go to the "Options" tab while on the main menu or in-game and press "Advanced options" and check the box to enable it. At the bottom of the Options menu you can set "Toggle developer console" with a key bind, most people use the " ` " key to open console.


Collecting Evidence

With the Developer Console open go in this order to gather evidence of the suspected hacker.
  • Status
  • Gather the name and U:ID of the hacker - # 375 "ρнαηтσм 5.0" [U:1:60133372] 3:03:05 139 0 active
  • Type sm_spec "#375" and press enter - This will bring you to the POV of the suspected hacker and ALSO make you invisible from spectator so you can record with ease. (I find it's easier to type the #number instead of the U:ID due to it being quicker to type than copy/paste it).
  • You can also type in chat /spec <suspected hacker here> and it will also bring you their POV; you can type partial of their name to spectate, for instance /spec bigg will make you spectate me if I'm the only one on the server with the name biggie or with that letter combination otherwise it wont work.
  • Then open console again with " ` " and type "record <hacker name here>" and you will get a prompt like this in console -
    ] record phantom3
    Recording to phantom3.dem...
  • After you are done gathering your evidence you will type "stop" in console and get this prompt -
    ] stop
    Completed demo, recording time 5.8, game frames 366.
  • After you recorded the demo you can always play it back to review the footage by typing in console "playdemo <demo file here>" and by typing "demoui" to open the demo playback to go to a certain tick or slow down certain shots that you suspect are of aimbot like features once the demo is open.

Here are some videos I made showing how it's done in-game with both in console and chat for users with special characters in their name.

Different type of hacks

There are many different type of hacks to look out for, and they can be tricky to spot since a lot of hackers tend to hide how they are using them while playing. Most common type of hacks are as follows:
  • Aimbot
  • Projectile Aimbot
  • Triggerbot/Toggle
  • Wall-Hack/ESP
  • Auto-Reflect
  • No Spread
Also here are a few examples of what the above look like:

Uploading the evidence

There are different ways to upload evidence but the most common are as follows:
Submitting a report

After you have collected the demo for the report be sure to have their U:ID from the stats page and that it matches the one from the demo that you recorded in-game so there's no confusion when you go to submit your report. Sample report listed below


If you have any questions regarding how to record and upload a demo for suspected cheaters, feel free to contact myself or one of our server admins.


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I forgot to mention, when replaying a demo that you recorded you can type in console "r_drawothermodels 2" and this will show the outlines of other players. This will help prove/show that they are wall-hacking/ESPing. (Showed in my videos above for the examples)
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