How do you TF2?

Discussion in 'News Watch' started by Reporter, Dec 10, 2017.

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    How do you TF2?
    I realized last night that I have been rotating between 2-3 skial community servers essentially since I started playing this game 1000+ hours ago.... I've never played a competitive match and only one casual match ever. I honestly have no idea if I absolutely suck or if I'm better than average.

    It made me realize that there's probably a lot of fun ways to play TF2 outside of a normal server... how do you TF2?

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    First of all I'm just gonna assume he plays well on Skial with whatever class tbh.
    If so he could be in between "mediocre to above-average" (like me f.r.) all the way up to Pubstomper skill levels. It really depends on what he plays and how he's popping off.

    Here are 3 advices for you:
    - Just try man. You'll never know how you're doing if you don't have experience and knowledge of your skill level
    - NEVER play Comp (And I'm only going to mean the Valve Comp servers) bc of the money you spend on this ticket just to play "Competitive."
    B4 you go in ask yourself:
    * 1.: Do I wanna put up with absolute tryhards and hackers?
    * 2.: Do I wanna become a brain dead manchild after experiencing so much shit?
    * 3.: Is there even some chill boi?

    And if you answer yes to all of these questions go wild bro. I played it a while and regretted it badly. OW Comp is waaaay more "chill" than what I heard in those games.

    Tell me about your experience people bc I haven't got good memories of Comp.

    - Last but not least watch the countless amount of YT videos on how to use ANY weapon or Combo properly. It won't be that hard to find your favorite playstyle.

    Now crack a cold one and have a good morning, noon or evening.
    Peace and GL HF vro.
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