How do you sort your tf2 backpack

Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2' started by Chiefmiest, Nov 3, 2012.


How do you sort your tf2 bag?

  1. By type

  2. By quality

  3. By Class

  4. By Loadout Type

  5. Manually

  1. Chiefmiest

    Chiefmiest Server-Clearing Cynic


    Ok how do you sort your backpack. I was wondering how because whenever I do it, it doesn't look right.
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  2. KewnTunes

    KewnTunes Legendary Skial King Contributor


    Sort by class or go home 'nuff said

    Anyways ain't nobody got time to sort manually.
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  3. Rvsz

    Rvsz Legendary Skial King Contributor


    I used to sort by class, but as I got more Alien Swarm parasites it got boring clicking through the first couple of pages every single time... Now I sort it manually (if you click on my bp though you won't see much system in it, but if you saw my pc's desktop, my room, etc etc you wouldn't expect anything else).
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  4. Da_money125

    Da_money125 Face-Melting F2Per Contributor


    I sort mine manually, I put all the stuff I'm selling on the first few pages and the rest is just sorted to my liking.
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  5. Ivory Jubilee~

    Ivory Jubilee~ Legendary Skial King


    Quality cuz I look poor if not
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  6. Sir Reddington

    Sir Reddington Spectacularly Lethal Soldier


    Someone should invent a program which saves your backpack's arrangement and is able to link to TF2.

    Like you know, an auto-sorter that sorts your shit, just the way you like it.
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  7. DaivdBaekr

    DaivdBaekr TF2 Admin Contributor


    Before the halloween update it was something like

    1. Weapons I use and stuff I'm selling
    2. Hats and miscs sorted by class
    3 + 4. Weapons I don't use sorted by class for easy scrapping
    5. Crate grove
    6. Achievement stuff or junk I never touch

    Of course after the update everything's everywhere because my inventory's being filled and cleaned out constantly.
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  8. Derpingson

    Derpingson Face-Melting F2Per


    I believe there is something like that in the workshop where there's a more advanced bp sorter
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  9. Mothership

    Mothership Wicked Nasty Engineer


    By class, as I don't have much of any other qualities to justify that option. Still, I wish I could move the all-class/general items to the back; seeing a page full of crates depresses me.
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  10. LOLfwappz

    LOLfwappz Totally Ordinary Human


    By class, ive been doing that since I joined TF2.
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  11. Chiefmiest

    Chiefmiest Server-Clearing Cynic


    Who the fuck is apples to oranges and why is he rate spamming
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  12. Ruelel

    Ruelel Moderator Staff Member Contributor


    just warned him
  13. SgtGiraffe

    SgtGiraffe Australian Skial God


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