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    Help! D:
    Hey guys, big tf2 player here. I was really happy today, as I'd finally finished my endgame medic set - Burning Flames Blighted Beak plus Sunbeams Heer's Helmet. I was really lucky to find the Heer's on the market as there's supposedly only one other in existance and it's owned by someone who refuses to negotiate. Anyway, eager to show off my set, I logged into my favorite tf2 server, Skial Turbine, only to discover my effect is bugged - the Beams effect is based around my waist, not my head. I tried unchecking the adjust box, but it didn't help - and it's not just me. A friend playing on the server with me could also see it. Validating game files didn't help, and I also tried submitting a ticket to Steam Support - but, well, we all know how that went (thanks, Jeffery!).

    Is there anything I can do? This isn't a game-breaking glitch, but it really sucks. I worked for a long time to trade up to this set and now it's a pretty bittersweet victory.

    Author: DeltaSolly