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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by ⚡♡DianaGotTheJuice™♡, May 14, 2018.

  1. ⚡♡DianaGotTheJuice™♡

    ⚡♡DianaGotTheJuice™♡ Somewhat Threatening Sniper

    :doge:Herroooo :3 I don’t generally post on the forums, I rather like to stalk the forums and read all the posts on here, I’ve only been coming to a few skial servers for about a year or so. Mostly idle on the weekdays because of things, but more active there on the weekends.
    I didn’t acknowledge the skial forum’s existence until this year, I’m a overall regular on Trade NY and US’a servers,
    A lot of people like to call me Juice LMAOOOO, but I prefer Diana. If you know me well, I used to be a general toxic person because I took video games too seriously tbh, until I met a lot of friends on Skial and some others that turned my world upside down, big props to them ‍♂️
    It’s really nice to meet everyone here, I never really properly introduced myself, my hobbies are hanging with irl and gaming friends . && listening to music like EDM, 21 Savage & Joyner Lucas and other music && playing sports I love like Volleyball && occasionally browsing online forums & binge watching & adventuring and other shit LMAOOO
    If I’m on one of the the servers, don’t hesitate to say Hello && If anyone wants to get to know me, don’t hesitate to send a Friend invite too if I’ve seen you before :P.
    I do intend to help out on the forums when I’m off from my new job, look forward to giving a helping hand && making more friends in the amazing community of Skial and having more fun. :P

    Hope y’all have a fine lovely day, Diana C.:dolan::)
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  2. Cream Tea

    Cream Tea Banned Legendary Mapper

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  3. ck24

    ck24 Epic Skial Regular

    We hope you in joy your stay
  4. shoooooooooooooooo

    shoooooooooooooooo Gaben's Own Aimbot Contributor

    i hope you in joy your stay too
  5. Defibyoulater

    Defibyoulater Gaben's Own Aimbot Contributor

    0w0 hiiiii
  6. san7890

    san7890 Gaben's Own Aimbot Contributor

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  7. Tyknighter

    Tyknighter Totally Ordinary Human

    What's up doc.
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