Having trouble with Steam

Discussion in 'News Watch' started by Reporter, May 2, 2018.

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    Having trouble with Steam





    I've been having lots of trouble with Steam's downloading system, this problem doesn't happen consistently but basically sometimes when you switch accounts/turn off PC/pause downloading steam restarts downloading from 0 instead of where you stopped, the solution to this is that you copy the files in "downloading" to common/game and you reinstall so it validates but the con to this is that you lose a percentage of the download, this represents a problem to people with slow internet like me, I have tried most of the suggested solutions, none worked but the one where you copy the files in "downloading" folder.

    /r/steam's support thread doesn't really help much and you're not allowed to make posts asking for help there so I'm asking here, I'm not sure if the state_XXXX_patch files get messed up or the appmanifest but its really annoying, does anybody know a work around to this? thanks

    Author: anisxoxo

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