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When I was growing up I used to read Harry Potter by J.K Rowling and played some games on my Gameboy color. With the recently release of Harry Potter the gameplay is very boring but at least they've gotten the aesthetic correct in some places. I wanted to see quidditch implimented and maybe visit azkaban for a plot relevant prison break out of goblin criminals. It would have been nice to see Diagon Alley to purchase school supplies instead of simply getting everything at hoggsmead.

What do you guys appreciate from the recent release and what do you think is missing that they've could have added from the books?


It could definitely use a lot more content, but so far I've been enjoying getting immersed in the wizarding world


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I think that the dev team have this overarching plot that focused mainly on the least amount of areas they've had to design. The visuals are indeed beautiful so it shows that graphical fidelity was the main concern for the AAA studio. Honestly graphics aren't a big sell to me as long as it's discernable what is being presented in front of you, I wanted them to elevate the goblin rebellion with various set pieces in the wizarding world instead of just; London->Gringotts-> Hogwarts+Sub areas of Hogwarts. At least allow us to visit the chamber of secrets if our protagonist is going to learn Unforgivable curses instead of some random catacomb.

The combat by just shooting spells and utilizing items isn't enough because magic is supposed to have high utility let alone ancient magic of the Gary Stu protagonist and I think it's indicative of an incoming bubble pop of the Gaming market if AAA Gaming corporations play it safe instead of embracing creativity and risk.

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Appreciate everything you mentioned.

I'm inclined to agree with you as to learning the unforgiveable curses in the Undercroft - seems pretty insignificant when compared to the books/movies but I feel like it fits quite well in the storyline of this game.

Overall, I'd say this game is great - definitely a lot of improvements to be made for the next one but as a Harry Potter game goes this is 10/10

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Harry Potter has always been one of my all time favorites; especially when I would read books and watch movies with my family members. It definitely does need more content but in all honesty, it is an interesting approach.