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I want to make it clear that
  • There are no leaks in the compile logs
  • All critical 'game breaking' errors have been fixed as by the compile log
  • I have used to double check the logs
This has happened a few times now and my map dr_scprun is at the minigames stage of development, so a fair bit has been done.

The problem

For the last 3 VMF clones i have made I have recieved this error after doing 3/4 compiles on it. The first 2 the map most likely corrupted once due to me using 2 different lighting sources in one place (for a lamp), and the second one being because I used too many brushes over the size of 4000 units which was fixed.


This is the error message I get after 3/4 compiles which indicates that the VMF has been corrupted.

The only things extra I am adding to my level on top of the last save is an easter egg with a few brushes and triggers as well as a small texture for the muzzle flash on the surface NTF trap.

I have already asked about to a few of my personal contacts but none can find a solution.

Here is the line of the error completely untouched in notepad++

I appreciate all the support


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Might be possible that there's a misplaced quote in some entity. Maybe an entity displaying text has a " inside the message?


Spectacularly Lethal Soldier
Could you give me an example so I can find where abouts it is? Thanks
You use notepad++ right? It has regex search. When you open the search dialog, at the bottom, toggle the Regular expression radio button and for the search string use this
It will return the lines containing 5 or more quote marks. If that doesn't give anything try
Which will return any line that has less than 4 quotes in it.
If it's neither of these, type { and click count, note it down, then count } and check if they are the same. If not, then there's a missing { or } somewhere which could cause an issue. I am not entirely sure how to write a regex to find these, but if you get a different count I'll see if I can get one working.

If you want I can help you troubleshoot via discord, would be faster.