Problem solved. Google Chrome frequent freezes and crashes.

Discussion in 'Technology' started by PsychoRealm, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. PsychoRealm

    PsychoRealm Australian Skial God Contributor

    I had been dealing with this shit for a while now so finally I got pissed off and decided to spend some time researching on what might be the primary cause for all these crashes and freezes.

    The issue I had been experiencing:
    I have a tab opened (tab A). I open a New tab (tab B). New tab freezes - no matter what I do (typing in, scrolling up/down, clicking my mouse) - nothing happens. I switch to tab A and then immediately back to tab B and I see that all my typing, scrolling and mouse clicking are actually there.
    It's like I was getting a static picture of the tab and all my inputs were occurring on the background.
    Also, sometimes Youtube was returning black screen where video was supposed to be. Switching back and forth between tabs was bringing the normal picture back.

    What I've done to fix this shit:
    It looks like Chrome comes with its own embedded Flash Player which is a COMPLETE SHIT. So what I've done (and I'd suggest you doing the same):

    1. Go to Plugins in your Chrome (open a new tab and type: chrome://plugins/). You'll get a list of plugins that your Chrome is running. Click on "+Details" menu in the right-upper corner. You'll get something like that:


    2. Click on DISABLE just as it shown below to disable all components of embedded Flash Player at once (both of them are buggy):


    3. Close the Plugins page. Go to, download and install Flash Player from Adobe. Go back to Plugins. You should see something like this:


    4. Restart your browser.
    5. PROFIT!

    Since I applied the steps above I haven't had a single freeze/crash.

    HERE and HERE.
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  2. takethepants

    takethepants Gaben's Own Aimbot Contributor

    The Pepper flash in chrome works pretty well for me. In fact (knock on wood), Chrome hasn't crashed on me in months and I regularly have 20+ tabs open and usually a few are YouTube, etc.
  3. PsychoRealm

    PsychoRealm Australian Skial God Contributor

    I had not been happening to me in the past either. It started happening like 1 month ago. Also, the embedded Flash Player is not the latest version anyway.
  4. Princess Luna

    Princess Luna Uncharitable Spy

    Pepper Flash had a recent update which messed with multi-monitor setups.
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