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A little idea I've had for a while but only turned into something physical in recent weeks.

Two teams are placed in two separate 'chambers' (so they can't kill eachother). These chambers are large-ish areas, upon the edges of which spawn skeletons (as seen in Helltower). Once killed, players do not respawn until the next round.

Whichever team survives the skeleton onslaught for the longest time wins!

I've turned it into a map, as seen below:

It's a simple map, more designed as a proof-of-concept rather than something to play properly. Unfortunately, one of the chambers is missing a navigation mesh (don't know how to fix, suggestions) and thus, only one chamber can played in properly. Another issue to take note of is that stalemates may be common due to the small number of skeletons that spawn.

I've included the .vmf and .bsp file below. Feel free to use both!

Map download (.vmf and .bsp)!TsZwUQoT!ve715zvpDAsjG4kbXlgM-2STlpYgpSaP3QoWqA5AemE (.vmf)!eoBwSATI!p7UiKjx9MVLSdcxguj1R0upxxOjebW3hd3VbiQSilYc (.bsp)
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Hi! I really liked your skeleton survival idea and tried making a base map for it. In doing so, I think I figured out how to fix the missing nav mesh problem. The map I made is kinda simple, so it might take more to fix on a more complex map.

Anyways, I went into my map in-game, brought up nav_edit in the dev console and set it to 1, marked a place on the floor of the non-working side with nav_mark_walkable, then re-did the nav_generate. That seemed to fix it.

Just so you know, if you make any edits to the map, you'll have to re-mark the nav_mark_walkable wherever you place when you do a new nav_generate. I'm not sure why, tho.

I hope this helped.