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    Forum Admins:
    Forum Admins have the ability to change your forum name and edit your skial profile. A forum admin will only edit your profile if it is breaking one of our rules. A forum admin will only change your name if it is breaking one of the rules. Please PM someone below if you need help.

    Note: Not all Forum Admins are moderators. Not everyone above can edit the forums. Please look below for the moderators.

    Moderators have the ability to moderate everything on the forums except profile information. They can delete, edit, move, merge, ect, any post on the forums. They can also give out warning points and ban people who continue to break the forum rules. Please PM a moderator below if you see someone breaking any of the forum rules. You can also report someone using the report button, all of the moderators will be able to see that report.
    Note: Not all moderators are forum admins. Not all moderators can edit your name. Please look at forum admins.

    Trade Moderator:
    Trade Moderators are just like normal moderators, except they can only moderate the trade section. Please PM any trade moderator or any moderator if you see someone breaking the rules in the trade section.
    Head admin:
    The head admin of Skial in charge of maintaining servers, and handling technical and financial details.

    TF2 Admins:
    TF2 Admins can moderate the reports and ban sections. Please pm any TF2 admin or modertator if you see anyone breaking the rules in the reports section and the ban section. If you need help from a TF2 admin in game, please go to our Admin Group Page.
    Note: Not all TF2 Admins are moderators. Everyone on this list can only moderate the tf2 servers. Please look for the moderators if you need forum help.

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