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Hello all, I took a bit of time to suggest this. Over the past few months I was making new bosses but I never suggested them. A few people wanted me to suggest them to the server so thats why im here today. I have a total of 7 bosses I worked on, one of them is already in though. I'm not expecting all of them to be added so instead I want to ask the community their thoughts on what should be in. Bosses range from trollface, aubrey, chad doge, v1, eye of cthulhu, and master chief. You can vote on whatever bosses you want or you can vote to not have any bosses. The vote is up to you.

Heres my alliedmodders page where you can preview all the bosses and check out their abilities here: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=333602

The zips might seem like they're big at around 30mbs but I did include fastdl files and mp3's dont seem to be compressed through bzip2's
You can also download my all in one plugin zip if you dont have the plugins.
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+1 everything apart for the aubrey which is a -1
got a question about the eye, did you enlarge his hitbox?

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@DanishSoup if you are gonna give cthulu a pelvis hitbox i demand you rename him to balls of cthulu (courtesy of devil but he doesnt wanna own up to it)


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+1 for all the bosses except the Omori one.
Kinda neutral on Eye of Cthulhu because of the noclip thing but I'm curious to see how well it works.


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+1 to everything except omori -1 to that
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