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In this thread I wanted to discuss the various problems for each boss and the ways I think they can be resolved.
I talked with a few people who regular the server often and they agreed with me on these changes.

1. Dark Vader
- Change his name to Darth Vader
- Remove the uber on his rage and reduce the stun time to 1.5 seconds. FATHER made this fix in the config in this thread -

2. Predator
- Reduce the damage of the cannons during his rage to 60

3. Hatsune Miku
- Reduce the number of leaks she gets during rage to 5

4. Mario
- The only problem with the boss is the player model being way larger than the actual hitbox.
Rick Sanchez suggested the fix in this thread -

5. Nepgear
- Her Defensive buff is broken. It's meant to give her resistance from damage. That needs to be fixed

6. Cave Johnson
- Everything for this boss is ok but the first person view. The grenade launcher blocks the screen in first person which makes it very hard for people to aim. I would think adding the !cantsee command could fix this problem.

6. Spyro
- Reduce his fire damage upon rage. The fire damage does 12 damage per second and it lasts long enough to kill a soldier at full health.

7. Radigan Conagher
- The brass beast he receives upon rage gives him the ability to do 200 damage per shot at close range. Reducing the damage of the brass beast would be good.

Also a suggestion was made a while back to bring back Neo. In my opinion it had enough supporters for him to be added back. Cream Tea also stated that he still has the files for the boss so I don't see any reason in not adding him back.


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+7 yes plz fix Vader’s name and I played Miku on freak fortress and it lagged so bad and I leted everyone kill me
Edit the +7 was to support all of them
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Also, after the jungle inferno update, the razorback no longer protects the sniper from a hit from the hale. Now the razorback is useless while it is equipped. Can this be fixed please?