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    Ello all. Its been almost 2 months since Abe had an update. Well there was a suggestion to update his model but that didn't go through thankfully. I've been working on a rework for Abe since his current play style is a bit boring and didn't have any gimmicks to his rages which made him an average boss.


    • Health formula changed from "(((720+n)*n)^1.04)" to "(((730+n)*n)^1.04)" So about 23k for 20 reds
    • Rage damage from 4k to 6k
    • Updated description
    • Melee damage from 228 to 180 and with a faster swing speed
    • Building damage from 75 to 150
    • High jump nerf from 3.0 to 0.8
    • Added a double jump with a slight jump boost. Based on Oddworld Soulstorm
    • Charged weighdown instead of normal weighdown
    • 330 max speed, unchanged
    • Some other changes like rage being renamed to quarma
    • 4 more sound files. I did replace some sound files to keep file size low
    • Songs now display their names ingame
    • Rage 1 - Pick pocketing. For 100 rage, your next melee hit on an enemy steals their primary. All primaries are turned to stock because of plugin limitations (Ex: cow mangler turns into stock). Keeps the weapon until you run out of ammo or replaced. Disables hit targets primary for 10 seconds. List of weapon stats below.
    • Rage 2 - Soulstorm Brew. For 75 rage, you can craft 2 bottles of brew. These bottles act like jarate and give mini-crits on melee hit. Bumping your damage from 180 to 240. Great for spies and tough enemies. Expires in 20s and 30s wait time between uses.
    The model change is from the last update that isn't still approved. I've replaced sounds laugh2_1.mp3 goodbye_1.mp3 and laugh4_1.mp3 for 4 more sounds that are unique instead of laughing. In total, the file size is 10mb. The old version of abe is at 11mb.
    Heres some gameplay if you wanna see:


    Weapon stats on pickpocket:
    (max) 60 player
    80 building
    Ammo 6
    fall off

    11-12 damage both
    no airblast
    ammo 30

    8 building
    (max) 16 player
    ammo 40
    fall off
    no speed debuff

    102 both
    ammo 4

    (max) 11 player
    9 building
    ammo 40
    fall off

    (max) 91 player
    100 building
    ammo 5
    fall off

    50-150 both
    450 headshot
    ammo 2

    (max) 102 damage both
    ammo 5
    fall off

    (max) 90 player
    100 building
    ammo 3
    fall off
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