Truly Feared Pyro
I've decided to fix Abe's model and some other stuff

Nerfs: 228 damage to 202
Buffs: Building damage from 75 to 100
Changes: Edited model to have a higher poly count making him look less ps2-y, Removed the hammer so it looks like hes slapping people, Textures have been a.i up scaled then I did a lossless compression, bat is invisible for the weapon viewmodel, decrapped the config, and a little bit of changes for abe's description.

Notes: I was gonna nerf his jump height but since i nerfed his damage, i wasn't going with it anymore. At the cost for his bonus damage towards players, i made him have more damage against buildings on his melee. Also tested if the new model with the higher poly count had performance problems but its all good. Shouldn't be a lot of storage either, just 500kb out of the zip. I did make sure everything works and that people can redownload the models.


DL: https://www.mediafire.com/file/c9h50cipj7mgbnv/New_%27n%27_Tasty_boss_Abe_v2.0.rar/file
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