Truly Feared Pyro
This should fix a lot of the problems with Abe at the moment.
  • Damage is now 228, enough for one hitting hybridknights and battalion soldiers. Damage was again broken despite me removing the damage attributes.
  • Grenades fixed to have 3 in the reserves like Bill's shotgun
  • Grenade also now does 308 damage to buildings like its supposed to do
  • Slight health buff from 700+n to 720+n due to speed and damage
  • Faster reload on grenades
Extra notes: Abe's speed was said to be 330 but in the config it is 320. I don't think this needs changed due to his slightly higher damage than average bosses and his long range capabilities. Abe also has an even slower swing speed due to stacking attributes. I could just remove the swing speed from his bat but the 70% slower swing speed is fine with me. Also more thanks in the config to two people.

Dl: http://www.mediafire.com/file/nkjnv1rqpfntp3t/abe.cfg/file
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