Falsely Banned From Skial For Using VPN

Discussion in 'News Watch' started by Reporter, May 20, 2018.

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    Falsely Banned From Skial For Using VPN
    Hello, I enjoy having privacy in life, so I use a VPN. Today I decided to log into a skial trade server and it said I was banned. I typed out a ban appeal, so, I've already done that. The reason I think it's a VPN is because [the reason](https://www.skial.com/sourcebans/in...U:1:346879933]&advType=steamid&Submit) said "LINKED: New STEAMID from Banned IP" I haven't changed my steamID this year, but what a VPN does is it changes your IP, so I think this is it. Has anyone else been banned for using a VPN? I use PIA by the way.

    Author: Chromebookarthur

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