Resolved `exodus - Possibly aimbot + wh

Discussion in 'Reports' started by nathan is a pain in the ass, Aug 2, 2020 at 8:08 AM.

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    Possibly aimbot + wh

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    Like can someone verify if this guy is cheating or not? Like i was playing against him the other day and he prefired me twice and i called him out for it and he said "yeah what about your 100% headshot" and then he goes "Im always waiting for you" which just doesnt explain his prefires. Private profile as well (doesnt really mean anything but makes him more sus).
    Evidence :
    I recorded him today using a different name so it isnt sus but ive played with him 2 times. The first time i met him i was really sus of him but i didnt want to call him out and the 2nd time I did cuz of the prefires and today was the 3rd time but i was just in spec recording him. His movement is shit and his aim is weird but im not sure about the wh part. at 4:30 in the video, the demo dies but as soon as like a tiny part of the scout appears, he instantly retreats. Idk if this is just a fast ass reaction or if its possible wh.
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