[EU] Community servers are getting worst by the backtair influence of friend group admins?

Its gonna' be long so...yeah make a cup of coffee

So as you can see the title...I see a big problem in alot of community servers (now mainly talking about Skial and VSH servers because I play them the most). If you play the game in the golden hours you can find populated servers where you CAN have fun but after 9 pm it's just bad. All the admins and their discord friends are targetting players (ghosting where a spy is etc.), making the rounds longer by using bugs and just softlocking the players from having fun by not even playing the game or just skipping their friends so they can RPS or Conga for 5 minutes. Let me make it clear...I don't mind friends having fun but this...this is not okay after 2 hours...

I'v seen when an admin ban a racist guy or a dude with toxic attitude but when one of them or an admin friend tells some kid "you have cancer" or shittalk on them via binds and voice that is just backstairs influence and bad mentality by the Admins for letting it happen.

And this is not the only server with this type of "friend groups".

I'v met a Hungarian VSH server with 2 dudes with infinity ammo. I told them this is unfair by them and making the game less fun for the kids and there are servers without this "option". Well i guess I made a mistake because right after that I'v got perma gaged by one of them. So's a way to make things clear i guess.

I know this post will get alot of hate by the people involved but I just wanted to ask...Have you guys met with this issue? What would be a good solution?

Author: dudu99_r