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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by sunstep, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. sunstep

    sunstep Somewhat Threatening Sniper

    i was about to win a 20k bet until i suddenly lost, it happens all the time and i am sure no one did instant win because there was only 1 person left and i was watching him closely. this map is just broken please fix this or just remove it at all its impossible to win as hale because the traps barely make kills and if 1 person rushes to the skeletion part, all the traps before it become useless because it teleports everyone there leaving you with even more chance to lose the game
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  2. 「Coronarena」

    「Coronarena」 Uncharitable Spy

    Yeah because that's definitely how maps work. Sorry but I can't take this suggestion seriously.
  3. worMatty

    worMatty Uncharitable Spy

    I think more context is needed to understand the problem. Presume I am unfamiliar with the map. Were you playing as Hale? What was the cause of the loss? Why were you so sure you were going to win?
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  4. sunstep

    sunstep Somewhat Threatening Sniper

    yes 100% sure that i was going to win there was only 1 person left alive i was watching him then i suddenly lost i am sure nobody did instant win, plus this is not the first time it happens it happend to many hales, before this happend, people were like wait a few more seconds! just wait and do nothing, 5 sec later i lost like there is a timer in the map
  5. sunstep

    sunstep Somewhat Threatening Sniper

    edit: the map owner has confirmed there is a bug with the map and he will be looking into it. no need to rate my post dumb for no reason. next time consider before rating
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