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Discussion in 'Dota 2' started by KENpachi, Dec 1, 2014.

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    This is a prediction page for helping people select which team to bet on in competitive Dota 2 You bet at your own risk and bear the consequences.

    This is my last 3 days predictions.

    WINS : 8/11 WINS

    Idol vs Aces - LOST
    MVP.P vs Pokerface - DRAW
    Rave vs TBD - WIN
    Cleave vs coL - WIN

    3/4 because draw returning your items.

    C9 vs VP - WIN
    EG vs C9 - WIN

    2/2 Nice day

    EG vs VP.P - WIN
    C9 vs VP - LOST
    paiN vs NoToday - WIN
    VP.Polar vs C9 - WIN
    EG vs VP - WIN

    4/5 Nice Day.

    Note: I'm not resposable for your lost , is your problem if you follow me. Don't blame me if lost , i will bet same as my prediction.
    So gl & hf guys
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