Donated again, but having issues with the "connect" command

Discussion in 'Donations' started by Jswars, Feb 11, 2017.

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    I hope this is the right section for this post.
    So i donated for the 3rd time <3, and never had any issues before.
    Lately when i try to connect to a full server (following the instructions), i get the message "server is full". It used to work couple days ago but not recently. Any idea what is causing this?

    Thanks Skial in any cases!

    edit: i noticed crashing randomly lately when i use "Action" in-game couple times in a row (gifting), and the "server is full" message occurs after the crash when i want to reconnect.
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    Sometimes when the server is full you'll get that message even if you're a donator because another donator is trying to connect at the same time as you. Or, if you see 33/32 or 25/24, meaning a reserved slot has been taken, you need to wait until the server kicks someone. In both cases, you need to wait a few seconds and retry.
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  3. Jswars

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    Oh that must be it then, i didn't know it was limited to 33/32, i believed that any donator could directly connect at any time, no matter the current number of players.

    Thanks for clearing that up!
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