Does anyone remember their first backstab?

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    Does anyone remember their first backstab?
    I guess this is directed more at Spy mains (why would a Soldier or Medic main remember their first backstab?), but if you remember your first backstab, how did it go?

    I can remember that I got into what I believe was my first ever match, in what was probably a Skial server, on 2fort. I went Spy because I had seen lots of Spy gameplay before, and I thought the class was really damn cool, and I just knew that Spy had to be *my* class. (That mindset has never left me; Spy’s still the only class I truly love playing as.) I don’t remember everything that happened, but I do remember that there was a demo that I kept seeing, probably because he was destroying me, and I was determined to see his back get destroyed.

    So, after a while, I walked up to the battlements, and there he was, standing completely still and calling for a Medic! Now was my chance. I left-clicked on his back, and he was done. I haven’t forgotten about it since.

    I might have mixed up a few details, but that’s how I’m pretty sure it went.

    Author: vicious_viridian
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