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    DMarket is a global marketplace to turn every virtual item into a real commodity. This paper discusses how we combine blockchain technologies and seven years of industry experience to bring this billion dollar market into the global economy. All the time people spend playing on their mobile, PC, console or any other platform could be finally worth something. Essentially, DMarket is a new ecosystem where gamers, developers and entrepreneurs can efficiently and securely evaluate and trade virtual items. Without risk of technical bugs or malicious parties. Thus actually building a new economic cluster joining existing markets.

    How DMarket Works


    Game universes are not connected to each other in any way. There is no safe and easy way to trade between them. We are building DMarket - a global marketplace based on blockchain and smart contracts. It enables one-click sale, exchange or evaluation of every virtual item between all games on any platform. The blockchain will ensure 100% security and safety. Smart contracts are the bridge on blockchain to connect all game worlds and universes without any third party needed. They will log changes of ownership and automatically transfer payments. The DMarket Token is native to DMarket, it is the only currency used in the marketplace.


    Over 2.2 billion people play games every day on different platforms and devices. The gaming industry reached $100 billion of revenue in 2016 and is booming. Only around 4,000 pro gamers are making profits out of their time and skills spent in games. Just a couple of games with 6% auditory already turn over close to $3 billion dollars trading in-game items. After seven years of experience in the gaming industry, we can actually see and feel the pain of the other 94% of gamers in the world.No existing technology can connect the many different game universes and platforms. Players were resigned to their items becoming useless, despite spent time and effort. Today with the booming gaming audience, VR and AR markets, this has to be resolved as soon as possible.

    The ROADMAP of our company


    June: was created
    October: Added Dota 2 & TF2

    January: DMarket idea
    February: DMarket market and technical research
    March: DMarket team creation
    April: Integration meetings with game developers
    May: achievements
    June: token sale development
    August: token sale phase #1
    August: distributes tokens
    September: DMarket brand awareness
    October: DMarket Alpha
    November: Token sale phase #2
    December: DMarket token listing

    January: DMarket main development phase
    February: DMarket security audit
    June: DMarket API integration
    December: first steps of Global market influencing

    DMarket Team:


    Volodymyr Panchenko: Founder & CEO. (LinkedIn);
    Alexander Kokhanovskyy: Co-Founder. (LinkedIn);
    Sergey Nemesh: CTO. (LinkedIn);
    Andriy Khavryuchenko: Blockchain Architect. (LinkedIn);

    Market acquisition

    Milestone 1: DMarket brand awareness Building global brand awareness. Participating in more than 10 blockchain, fintech and gaming conferences, where our team spreads the DMarket idea, discusses technical aspects and enlarges the community.
    Milestone 2: DMarket marketplace Alpha (v0.1a) DMarket marketplace Alpha (v0.1a) release (by the end of 2017)
    Milestone 3: DMarket token listing DMarket tokens listing on exchanges by the end of 2017.
    Milestone 4: DMarket API Integration DMarket API integration to the first 10 games. First steps towards the creation of the in-game item trading market.
    Milestone 5: DMarket e-commerce system creation E-commerce platforms adopt in-game item trading. Extension development for popular e-commerce CMS.
    Milestone 6: DMarket API integration to the 50 games DMarket API integration to 50 games. The marketplace acquires first 10 million users.
    Milestone 7: DMarket API integration to the 2000 games DMarket API integration to 2000 games. DMarket acquires 200 million users.
    Milestone 8: DMarket e-commerce eco-system enhancing DMarket integrates in-game items trading to 2000 online-shops and marketplaces. Support for all popular CMS e-commerce.
    Milestone 9: DMarket API integration to the 5000 games DMarket API integration to 5000 games, including 10% of AAA-class games. DMarket acquires 500 million users. Total in-game items cost is more than $100 billion.

    Token Functionality

    DMarket token is represented by DMarket coins. It will be used across the DMarket platform, and will not be limited by the platform in the future. DMarket coins will be used:

    1- As a currency, in case of buying/selling in-game items
    2- For deducting fees for trading in-game items
    3- To distribute profits among digital property copyright holders
    4- For premium account acquisition for wholesalers and retailers
    5- For BigData-analytics acquisition
    6 -To postpone service fees, based on smart contracts which are sourced from one DMarket user to another

    WHY NOW?

    At the moment, game universes are not connected to each other in any way. There is no safe and easy way to trade between them. Players spend time, experience or even try their luck to get new items in a beloved game. And in the end, just leave them there useless. Introducing DMarket - the first cross-game trading marketpalce to turn every virtual item into real commodity.
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    No, sir. You can check the board of advisors and the board of our founders on our website. They are not last people in the gaming industry, and they value their names. So you can be sure, that's not just some empty words.
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    I've never heard any of these names before myself, but I'll take your word for it. Not that I'm going to invest anything in this however.
  4. dsoliver18

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    If you have played in CS 1.6 or CSGO, you must know the founder of DMarket ZeroGravity (founder and ex-CEO Natus Vincere) or DMarket advisor Brian Kerr (founder and ex-CEO Fnatic Gaming).
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    The SEC is going to start cracking down on ICOs, and they're banned in China now.

    I'm not trying to say you folks are scammers. But many "ICOs" have turned out to be scams, like that one coin where they got "hacked" almost immediately to the tune of a few million dollars. Oops.

    I wish you all well, I'll always vote for decentralized things.
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