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I've noticed that Skial tracks two completely different rating systems for each person, and currently you can only display one of them (in the in-game store menu).

There's the seasonal rating which seems to be a mostly linear points accumulation statistic that resets every season:
(Kills +1 Assists +0.8 Deaths -0.5)

But there's also a "Top Players by Skill" rating which functions more like elo, and seems to increase or decrease a lot based on your win/loss ratio and a bunch of other factors:

I think it's super cool that Skial tracks the latter one, but currently you can only display and equip the former.
I don't know if this is possible, but would there be a way to equip your skill rating ranking instead and have it somewhat differentiated so they don't get confused?

Thanks for your time.


There is only room for 1 system to be displayed.

We don't focus on this system anymore because it doesn't reward play time and it is dubious how accurate it is at all given the many different types of maps and the fact that people can leave and join the server or even switch teams at will. It also can only calculate skill changes on servers where the round ends, which thanks to Valve killing community variety, happens on very few of our servers.
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