Disabling fall damage and weapon damage

Discussion in 'Mapping and Modeling' started by Sam the unoofer, Jun 20, 2020.

  1. Sam the unoofer

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    Some of you may know me from Deathrun as I no life that shit from time to time.
    I am currently developing a deathrun map as a big project (hopefully for this community if I am lucky enough).

    I am unsure on how to disable fall damage and weapon damage for runners. What do I need to do to enable this?

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  2. StereoBucket

    StereoBucket Truly Feared Pyro

    Not a mapper, but I do take a look at maps from time to time to find secrets.
    I notice that some maps use filter_damage_type to remove fall damage, can also work for weapon damage, check the list of damage types in the link to figure which ones you will need.
    Just make a filter_damage_type entity for the types of damages you want to exclude and use them in a trigger_multiple brush,( OnStartTouch | !activator | SetDamageFilter | filter_name_of_your_filter_entity | 0.00 | no ).
    You can put this trigger around your player spawn to apply it.
    Might work, give it a shot.
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