Mildly Menacing Medic
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Hey, a lot of adjustements has been made since rc2.
Newest version is rc6
dont ask me how it jumped up 4 versions..

Fixed a lot of bugs. Added new stuff and modified a lot to make it better.
Thanks to all the criticism and feedback ❤️

Most notable problems were;

1. Stalling in Arena Mini.

- Fix: Capture point and stalemate timer.

2. Trap 3 being funny.
- Fix: no longer funny. ( i think )

3. People being teleported into walls when reds beat the map.
- Fix: Made the room bigger.

4. Parkour...
- Fix: Noob friendly Indicators & massive nerfs.

This map reminds me of that little connect the shapes toy for babies but instead its for deathrun players <3