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    Can a person change who he is; or more importantly, who he is grown up to be? I recently looked on my favorite show in regards to Aikido training, which meant and symbolized no judging anyone based on their opinions. Really though, this is who we are. We tend to judge people in many cases whether it's by posting messages, or just flat out calling out on them. Even though it's not right, that's the way world works. But, do we label them as dumb? Stupid? Retarded? No, we never do this in real life. I've been on many sub-forums such as reddit, and other gaming forums who infact, have similar ratings to this system. However, I've said it before but never have these sub-forums have the rating "dumb". It's just flat out wrong, there is simple "disagree" and that's it. I'm not coming out, as an enemy, I come as a friend to everyone here. The dumb rating needs to go and be replaces with something; or better yet, remove it. That rating alone is one of the most poisonous ratings in this sub-forum and is causing an negative atmosphere, at least for some people here.

    Imagine yourself, walking downtown and someone judging you based on what you are wearing or saying. It sucks, don't get me wrong, but it's just words. Now, I would love for you to imagine your self in this situation again, and now they label you as dumb. This dumb rating will never go away. This rating can be "disagree" on yourself, and you move along, but the dumb rating is just wrong and quite frankly, demeaning against oneself. It puts people down, and to some people who says "just ignore them" that's not the point. Everyone is not the same, and some people take these ratings to heart. I've been dumb rated more than 200 times in the past two weeks just because of my opinions, and it's to the point that it's making me sad both physically and mentally. I just don't get how someone can dumb rate people like this, without any consent of anyone just dumb rating people away. It's not right. I am for all making a good atmosphere for people on these forums. I've acted like an asshole before, but I own up to my mistakes. Most of the people who dumb rate other people, are bullies. That's my stance of people on these forums, if you dumb rated someone on these forums; I am 100% sure you are a bully both on the internet and in real-life. The people who haven't dumb rated are actually pretty decent people, so I can easily tell the douchebags from the non-douchebags based on that mentality.

    I'd like to introduce this soundtrack to you guys, and see how peaceful it is and that will live up to what I have to say next.

    Morgan, who is the black male was such in a deep hole, given up on life. He was "gone", labeled as an outcast. No one said he is an outcast, but he was labeled as an "outcast". It hurt him and it changed who he was. He was gone, and he killed two people in the process. It was a son and a child who had gotten killed unfortunately, because the world labeled him as an outcast. He didn't care about anyone else but himself, and he could never clear himself. The world he knew was gone. I have been labeled dumb both in real life and in-game, I didn't care about anyone but myself and I have got banned at least 4 times in my Skial community, both in-game and the forums. This is who I was before, I was literally a bad person. Even though I am trying to clear, that's not the point. In the month I have been banned, I've been looking to clear my mind because clearly I was labeled as a bad person. I was labeled as "dumb" for the things I did which make me even angry and I didn't know how to deal with that rage. I went outside and realised that this world never labels you as dumb, only the internet does. What if we can somehow get the power in the real world and put it on the internet? What if we can put it on these forums, and never have to label anyone as dumb again? Then we can say "welcome to a safer and friendly atmosphere".

    People can clear but it's such a long process and it mentally makes you tired. Sick. Stressed. I've been stressed and tired because most of the people label you as dumb on this, and quite frankly I'm sick of it. Most of the people are sick of the dumb rating and if their not, they I'm sorry to say but they don't care about themselves or the way people label them. And if they don't care about themselves, what makes you think they don't care about other people? I've seen people who NEVER dumb rated anyone on these forums, and if that person is you, then you are the real hero. You are the most kind-hearted people on these forums, but unfortunately there is a small percentage of these people that it's so rare.
    Can someone "clear"? Can someone really change? Can someone change their mentality into something good, with regards to their personality? I would love to introduce this to you as another soundtrack I found after reading the book that changed who I was.

    This is who I am, and after I listened to this soundtrack after I changed who I was mentally, I cried. You may think it's dumb, but for the people who think it's dumb, your the bully. You have no idea what people have been through and the things that they had to go through in their past. Labeleing them as "dumb" NEVER helps that situation. I'm not saying people who dumb rate people CAN'T change, because they can. For the people who dumb rate others you can change now, instead of dumb rating them, why don't you be nice enough and "disagree" with them. There is no need to label anyone. Morgan, has finally cleared. He is happy. After tons of training and clearing his mind, he regrets killing those people, and he removed the label of himself. No one labels him anymore. Why was he brought up this way? Why did he kill the son and the father? Because Morgan lost his own son, and after that, no one labeled him as an outcast. The world did, and it was permenant; or so Morgan thought. The same goes for on the forums, if people label each other dumb; whether on the internet, that's like getting a permentant mark on your body saying "dumb" It's the internet, I know, but for how wrong it is to do that is not even expressable on what I'd have to say.
    The only way someone can change, the only way a bully can change is if their at peace. Morgan was NEVER at peace, and it took 3 days for him to change. After he killed the Son and the Father, and to whoever many he killed after, he met with an Akido Trainer. This Akido Trainer was an Cheesemaker, he was many things. It's a sad story because the world labeled him as dumb also, even worst so. I also cried when I heard this story, it really affected me on who I was. This mean, was named Eastman. He has been through so much, and just like Morgan, they have similar stories. The world also labeled him as dumb. Just like the forums who label me as dumb. Sad story it is, he was an criminal physologist, who interviewed criminals and tried to change them. He tried to change the person of who he was, he tried to change killers into something well... good. Can you change the people who label "dumb" on other people? Is it possible? It is, and by removing that we can start a new chapter.

    I would like to talk about Eastman's story. He was an average person, before he met a dangerous criminal. He interviewed him, and this person who was getting interviewed; Eastman thought he was one of the most nicest people ever. He even brought flowers to Eastman, but understand one thing. He was LABELED as a criminal, just like me as DUMB. A few days later, the criminal murdered Eastman's children, and wife. Then burned their bodies. Eastman was angry at first, but instead of finding and killing this criminal, he decided to catch him and put him in a cage. He wanted to starve the criminal, and there was only one door which was "supposedly" locked. I'll get to this later. Eastman was always angry and watching him starve thought that he would be at peace, but it wouldn't. When the world or the forums label you as something you don't like, you really get mad at everything, and your never at peace. I cried so much because I'd do the samething, if someone killed my beautiful mom, I'd want to kill him the worst possible way. This is not who I am, I am the man of peace, and after reading Akido Training, all life is precious. We must never judge people based on ratings, it hurts them and will put them not at peace. The people who dumb rate people are NOT at peace either, but with all things like this this story, they can change.

    Back to the story, the criminal who just killed Eastman's children and wife, was in the cage for 5 days without eating. Essentially, Eastman starved this criminal to death and died. Ask your self before you continue to read, do you think Eastman is at peace? Do you think he is finally happy?

    The answer is no, he was never at peace or happy. He felt the world permenatly labeled him as an outcast, dumb, stupid, and "gone". He tried to kill himself, but noticed a book on Akido Training. He lost everything he worked so hard for because of a criminal. That criminal was probably labeled dumb also, but because he was Too Far Gone, he couldn't come back. The people who dumb rate other people on the forums can still come back, and once you do, I 100% know that you will be at peace. Being at peace is like taking baby steps, never an instant process. I believe that everyone in this forums can change into something more powerful, a friendlier place. Because we take baby steps, the first step is to remove this dumb rating madness on the forum. We, as people, need to understand that everyone is different and everyone has different emotions, but deep down, every single spec of human on this earth, and animals, can find Peace.
    I would like you to listen to this song, which is from the same episode I am getting at. The overall theme is peace.

    This man has been trough a lot, the same as the Criminal and Eastman. Now, it's Morgan's turn to change and remove his label as "dumb" and an "outcost". Remember, Morgan lost his own son, his wife, and has killed a Father and a Son. Morgan thought he could clear, he thought that he could be at peace, when in reality he was gone. He met with Eastman, around months after the criminal had starved to death. Morgan tried to kill him, but Eastman used Akido training to knock him out. He took away his gone, and locked him in a case. To this point, this cage labeled Morgan as a Criminal, dumb, outcast, and gone. When he woke up from him being knocked out, Eastman asked what his name was. Morgan yelled "KILL ME!" three times. Eastman never lost his cool and said "that's a weird name". Recall what I said that was in the cage Morgan was in, a book. This book is more than a book, it's peace. Morgan saw it but never read it.
    This was the book that changed Eastman, and even then Morgan never saw it "yet". Eastman then went back to the kitchen, trying to make cheese. He had a goat, so esentially this cheese was called "goat cheese" which quite frankly, not that good. But that's not the point, Morgan later saw Eastman training outside, and never really took it to heart. Later, Eastman gave Morgan food, and stared at it for a few minutes. He ate it. Eastman gave this criminal some food, and recall he didn't get the other criminal any. Eastman was at peace, but Morgan was not. Eastman tried changing Morgan into Peace, tried to remove the dumb, gone, outcast rating on him; so that he could come back. The book I listed above change Eastman, can it change Morgan? Later on, he read the book and finally in his eyes, all the labeling things the earth and people labeled him as, went away... well, kind of. The cage Morgan was locked in was never actually locked! Eastman knew this and he did it on purpose.

    Morgan knew he was locked in, and finally Morgan told him Eastman's name. That was the first proper conversation they had, and Eastman told Morgan his hold story, both his wife and what happend to his kids. This had an emotional impact him, they connected once. After Eastman told Morgan that the door was unlocked, Morgan Opened it and went outside, just shocked. Then... suddenly attacked Eastman. Eastman used Akido training to stop him, and once Morgan was stopped... he went back in the cage himself! He closed the door because he was still in the process of being at peace. Once Eastman was finished the story, Morgan's Eyes had a tear in it. He said "you can even change people like that" he said yes. Deepdown, Eastman knew he starved him, but the book did change him. Morgan then started Akido Training with Eastman. He was not a killer anymore, he was an Akido Person. He was almost done being at peace.
    For days and days, they trained. Eastman finally finished his cheese product, everything was looking well. One day they were training, the man Morgan killed came back to life, but not himself, as the infected. Morgan saw this and was shocked. He knew what he had done and he never looked at the past until now. Eastman blocked the infected and bit him instead, Morgan was mad because he knew what he had done, and again, tried to fight Eastman but lost. Eastman told Morgan that all this time, he actually starved this criminal to death, and all along, Eastman was NEVER at peace. Morgan was. How? It's because he changed himself with the help of others, he changed this labeling situation for him and he labeled himself as "peace". Never again did someone have to label someone as "dumb" or an outcast, because he was finally at peace. Eastman's dying words were "you have to know who you are" and Morgan replied "I now know". He finally became at peace, and was an Akido Person. Finally, the labeling was gone, no one had to label him as dumb. Because no one has to label him as dumb, he overcame this issue and he was in a friendly atmosphere even with the world gone; he was at peace.

    I grew up in a semi-middle class area, but I was an outcast. I was different because I was the only different race in a dominant white culture. I was labeled as "dumb" and an outcast. For years I've dealt with it but I couldn't handle these ratings people gave to me. I was not at peace in myself, but after moving out from that school, I felt all the ratings I received just magically dissapeared. Later on in life I was pissed at my self for moving out of this school, because that was not the right decision. I should of tackled this issue with ratings on people based on what they say, and I'm doing it here. No one here should be labeled as dumb, it's never the situation anyone wants to be in. If you don't deal with something now, you will always be in that situation and life will not make it go away, the earth won't and other people won't, you will have to. Being at peace and tackling this situation is one of the most hardest things anyone can do, and 98% of this world is not at peace. I can say the same for this forums, as it's not at peace, but with baby steps, we can fix this issue by removing this rating dumb people for good.

    When I got to high school things got better, don't get me wrong. It's the way it is, and sometimes people the way they grew up, they judge people. I learned not to judge, but because I have been judged SOO MUCH on these forums and in-game, real life; it really did affect me on who I was. It affected me emotionally because sometimes I poored my opinions, and these opinions came from my heart. It really dis-heartens me when moderators, who are supposed to be community leaders both on the forums and in-game can judge people on what they say and the labels they tag me as. I learned to be at peace with these things, but in my opinion the only thing to be at peace is to keep fighting this "label people as dumb". There is a reason UN-MOD is there, if you want to judge people, let them be judged there. It's not public, but the fact that you can be tagged as "dumb" is truly sad and quite frankly, deep down it bothers people. If I get an F on a test, I will be yelled as insults such as "dumb". Fine. But if I get tagged on my report card or a mark on anywhere, that's the line it should not cross. I'm not sure who came up with this dumb rating, but I'm sure Bottiger is the one who made it. I'm calling Bottiger out to remove this rating once and for all, and replace it with something or remove it once for all. This is who we are, we are peace. Can we be peace in the forums without labeling people as dumb?

    We are all Morgan's in the inside. We tend to have anger in ourselves, but that anger should not result people get dumb rated. It's not right. No matter how dumb, irrilevant someone or something says, he/she should not be dumb rated, and instead, labeled as "disagree". Making fun of dumb people and ratings is like making fun of special needs student. I remember I got suspended for punching a kid for calling a kid "retarded". I lost my application and my AP scores got cut from my high school because of this, but I am who I am. By me reacting to this, I knew I was not at peace but I HAD PEACE for others. How can someone have peace for others when they don't have peace for themselves? Because I am not the bully, the bully is the people who label people as dumb. That bully who made fun of the "dumb" special needs kid is what I call a bully, however, that bully was not at peace. I believe if someone is at peace then he/she will not label people as dumb. I could of changed that bully, I could of done it myself. I could of done what Eastman did and put him in a cage (although I would of got charged with kidnapp) that's not the point. My point is people CAN change, but only if you put work in it. Being at peace with yourself is such a difficult process, and if there is ONE person at peace on these forums, that would be T-Wayne. I believe this guy is at peace. Never once have I seen him dumb rate anyone, and literally all his posts are peaceful. He even goes out to help people and give people tips. I am truly happy that we have this community member and hopefully all the other moderators who are not at peace can stand up to him. T-Wayne reminds me of Eastman, a person who can change other people. This is who he is, and maybe T-Wayne has had a rough life, or hard times, and maybe one time he wasn't peace in himself or he has not find it. However, I think now, T-Wayne is at peace. He is clear. I wish I can say the same for the other moderators on here, but, I think that the moderators can be peace for themsevles and with that being said, I'd like to share another story with the Morgan Story.
    I'd like to introduce another story to you guys, which includes another story that Morgan changed, this is the guy who was a murder, and shortly with the incident with Eastman, Morgan stumbled upon this man.

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    Before I talk to you guys about this guy, let's do little background, shall we? This guy murdered a mass number of people, 79 women, 54 men, 17 kids. Well... if your a fan of the walking did, you would know what he did. Instead of killing then, he turned them into the infected and trapped them in a gated community in a truck. The world labeled this guy so much, just like this forums; that he put a "W" on this head which stands for "Wolves". Their meaning, they say "we can set you free from this world" which means that he wanted to kill everyone and anything that moved so they can be free of this world. He was a killer with no remorse, want to know why? He was lost. Now ask your self, can someone, like this guy, be at peace? Can be come back to reality and be "clear". Think about it before I continue.

    Morgan, whos rating has changed about himself, met up with this person and the Wolf (whos name is on the guy head "W") has a permentant rating on him. Just like these forums, people choose to DUMB rate people, this guy had the same scenario. Because he was rated so many times, the pack fo Wolf's (yes, there is more than one) code was to kill everyone who was not rated them selves. What this Wolf wanted to do, because he was sooo far gone in himself, that he wanted to capture people, and physically RATE them into "W" on their forhead because he was rated himself. Just like these forums, people who choose to DUMB rate people on here, it physically and emotionally hurts them because of this. If I go in-game, and knowing so many people dumb rated me, they know for a fact that I am the known dumb person because of the ratings I receieved. I don't care if I get Disagree rated, because it's not demeaning.

    Someone does not agree with my post, but do we, as people need to go so far in saying that person is dumb? Do we need to rate people stupid? Rating people dumb is saying that person is stupid, it's just logic. This wolf was rated both of these terms and for that, he broke. He didn't care about the world anymore. When you get dumb rated so many times, you just feel gone.
    The wolf here became so far gone that he went his way and killed more people, but Morgan caught him. He caught him and put him in the cage SIMILAR TO EASTMAN. Morgan was in the situation the wolf was in, and he tried to EMOTIONALLY remove the RATING from him so he could come back. He tried to clear him, tried to say the world didn't hate him. It's the way he is, but can that person really change? Do you think him being in the similar situation Morgan, he could of changed? Even after the mass murder? Understand that every criminal in the world, both in jail and killers; they have been rated so many times that brought them up to this situation. All criminals may be criminals, but deep down everyone can still be at peace. All the criminals in jail can still change, because deep down we are still the same no matter what. This goes for the same on the forums, but the problem is that the people who insist on rating this people bad is bringing up this issue. This issue effects them, and then the WORLD/FORUMS don't care about them, why should they? That's what happens to the wolf, he didn't care and decided to kill as many people as he can.

    What's beautiful about this story, is that Morgan changed him. Someone who has been RATED SO MANY TIMES changed him. At first, he didn't seem changed, but deep down, the peace process has started. The wolf later took hotsage of someone, but instead of killing her and trying to change her, the Wolf Sacrafised himself to save her, and Morgan knew it. This is how the world works, and I believe the same thing can happen for the forums in regards to the Dumb ratings. I've been dumb rated so many times that I almost lost control over my self, I don't care if I get disagree rated 700 times, but even dumb rating makes me feel stupid. I've been called so many names on these forums, but the dumb rating will affects me. I don't know what to do anymore, but I try to look in myself to look for the light and try to look for peace, but deep down, people can change. I believe once we remove this dumb rating option, we can change people to good. We can make this forum at peace, but it won't be at 100%. I believe that the dumb rating is what triggers unfriendly atmosphere and it can change, trust me. Anything in this world can change, but only Peace can change that. Akido Training taught me to change this, I found peace in myself. I know it's hard, but once people find peace in themselves, they can be happy.

    Can you be happy? What about this, the people who dumb rate other people, can they be happy? I don't think so, but just because someone is not happy does not mean they can be at peace. I believe without a doubt, people who are at peace can become happy. That's the way it is. When you are at peace, you tend to ignore all of the negative things, but permenant ratings can affect people on what they can and should do. Someone who goes for a walk, should not be thinking about ratings and what the world thinks about them, but understand that when people think you are dumb, it really does affect who you are. It sucks, I know, but if we have the option to remove these ratings, why don't we? I've been on the forums since the beggining, and although my date joined does not see it, I've been looking around the forums for many years. I've been apart of Skial for a long time but one thing that denies the heart of Skial being at light is dumb ratings and the things it does to people. I've said it before, but no one should be publicly shamed for the things they post. I don't care about the other ratings, even though their not nice, but the dumb ratings is just totally not cool.

    I've said some things on this forums I'm not proud of, for example, with Luke I argued with him about the dumb ratings, but I do apologize for it. But not once in my life, I have ever bullied anyone. Sometimes I get mad and angry at things, but never I bully anyone. It's who I am. For Luke, yes it is an apology but for reasons I said those things in regards to you, I've said it because of a reason. My reasons are purely becuase of the dumb ratings. I agree that my post was pretty un-irrelevant, but it all comes to the ratings and why I hate them and why they should go. I would love to get more involved in this community and make it friendlier, give cool suggestions for the future of Skial and I am sad to say that I can't do this without getting dumb rated in one of my posts. When I get dumb rated, I get so triggered I get mad at myself and one time I broke my computer because of what happend to me on this forums. I spend a whole 2 days preparing my essay for Shots fired, and to get it DUMB rated and made fun of, pissed me of and I broke my computer. That's why I have not been playing tf2 in the past few days, off and on because it's broken. But then I found peace in myself, I knew it I could remove these ratings in my head, but emotionally I can't. I found peace in myself later after Akido Training, but a part of my self is not at peace, and it's this stupid rating option. How can someone be at peace if someone keeps dumb rating them? I never understand and quite frankly, it's silly to even think about it.
    I think, in my opinion, people who are too far gone, can simply come back. I would like you to imagine going for a walk, and with this dumb rating option, pretend you have been dumb rated 300 times in the past two
    weeks, imagine people calling you dumb, now go for a walk for 1 hour and listen to this song.

    This is literally how I feel after someone dumb rates me into for no reason. They don't even post this reasons after dumb rating you. This is how I feel, and I feel pretty dumb and sad whenever someone dumb rates me. It's the way it is and I don't like it one bit. Do you know how it feels to be the most dumb rated person on these forums? Do you know how it feels? I don't get if my opinions are invalid, fine. I don't care if the world thinks every single opinion I have is invalid, it's the way it is. But no one or nothing should be able to label you as dumb. It's the most demeaning and douchiest things I have ever seen in my past Skial life.

    Go in a high school, and let's pretend the Facebook community has a dumb rating option. Let's say that person dumb rates me on facebook, then EVERY single person would think I'm dumb. If I type a valid opinion on facebook, only to get dumb rated, then people would think I'm dumb. I don't care if Facebook has a disagree opinion, or any other option, but the dumb option is just bad. Agree, or disagree, fine. The people in the school would see that, but if someone dumb rates you on facebook or any type of sub-forum, then it hurts in the inside. You have no flipping idea how I feel everytime someone dumb rates me. It literally hurts. To some people "oh lel just online brown pixel box" but I think it's something more powerful, and quite frankly it's just bullying. No one should be able to bully someone like that, and it does no matter what dumb ratings it contains, just dumb rating anyone has an affect them on the internet, and in real life. Now everyone in school would know I'm the "dumb person", the same goes for in-game. I go in-game, and most people notice me on how dumb I am.

    Let's say, I write an essay. This essay I write and my teachers rate a DUMB. It's the way life is, but must it be that way? I wrote a similar essay on this forums some time ago, and guess what? I got 7 dumb rates for it, and it really hurt who I was. I spend literally so much time on it, and to get it dumb rated really affected me who I was. I agree, I did say some of the moderators where no that polite, but because of that, I get dumb rated?
    This is what I said

    "[TCA] ENGY here, There are lots of rude people in general, I must say. Most of these people who are rude tend to dumb rate people for no apparent reason, for which I am unknown of. I think it's because we know, as supports, their low life's who are nothing. Again, as I stated in my last post, I feel like Shots Fired will not be that person. Shots Fired is if not, one of the most nicest and friendliest people I have ever seen in my 5 years of playing Skial. Amongst more than 1500 hours accumulated on Skial LA Goldrush alone, he has never lost his temper towards anyone and anything. I've seen moments when people have insulted Shots in the chatbox, and even then, he simply stated "alright" and never lost his temper. I wish I can say the same for other moderators in this community, but it seems whenever someone questions specific mods, they insult or have bad attitude. Shots will not be that person no matter what. I've racked up at least 700 hours of server time with him just alone on Goldrush, and he keeps a great atmosphere from what I have seen. This is who he is.
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    I can say that from day one, he always come on with a great attitude. I'd like to talk about Tone in this part, and you can hear by the tone of his voice is very peaceful. Honestly, I don't think I ever heard him insult anyone in my server life. Not only that, but you can tell by his Tone he is himself. He never changes who he is. Bringing up other examples of other moderators (from whom I won't name so I don't get dumb rated again), they have changed into something else. It seems when people get Internet Moderator Status they have some kind of magical power that changes their mentality, but again if Shots gets this position, his Tone and his mentality will be in the right place. Changing who you really are is one of the worst things anyone can do, especially over the internet. It's just silly and sad. Shots won't do that, he will not let this position overcome his mentality, and will be true to himself and others.

    Comparing this to real life, you can tell there are many douchebags where ever you go. People who don't say thank you, people who just bump into other people and in general, rude people. If Shots did any of this, he'd be the person who stand up for a person getting bullied, he would be the one to say thank, or sorry. He is a pretty cool guy overall, and I bet he be one hell of a person to hang around with in real life judging by his attitude. Not to many times do I hear the word "thank you" in-game, but what Shots is that he goes out of his way on this. He is the one who says "nice job" in every match. Do you ever say that to you in real life? Do you ever happen to get a test back and the professor says "nice job" on your paper, or even a high school teacher? I have never had that experience considering I come from a very nice area (around San Fran). If Shots was my teacher, he would say these things, if I got a B or C, he would still say nice job to me personally. He brightenes everyones day.

    Now I'd like to take more examples in-game about this guy, for example, whenever he tells me to go Medic, he does not demand it. Like Oh Maiii Gaawwd, you have no idea how many people demand other people to go certain classes because either: We don't have enough, or we have more than enough. Shots is the person who says "can you go medic?" not "we need more fucking medics". Again, this is another example of his tone and him being himself. Not only that, but he is very patient towards everyone and anyone around him. I still remember the times we both go Demoman and Quick-Fix combo, and if you don't know, Quick-Fix recently got updated (well, a few months ago) where if the person you are healing, who has jumped (for example, a stick bomb) flies, so will you, as the medic. Even though it was considered fun to both of us, we took it into action and would jump into the attic, in which not many people can do. Don't get me wrong, we failed MANY times. For example, I'd be the one who went up there, but he didn't make it. Or the other war around, he'd be the one who makes it up there, but I didn't manage to. This guy would actually take his time to jump from the attic and try again and again. I think the amount of tries we did it once was around 8 or 9 times, in which we finally made it but we both did lol. >.< But that's not really the point, he actually took time to help me get up there so we can finish what we were meant to do.

    At the end of everyone around not many people say "good game" or gg. Every single damn game I've been him, he has always been a good sport. Whenever he gets demolished by pyros or other classes, he says "ahh shit" in a friendly way, but does not blame anyone. Again, we see countless of people and certain moderators who blame others for their action, Shots will not be that person. I almost never see him blame anyone ever. He protects and is playing the game the way it's meant to be played. I think one time he got head shotted, but says "ahh, nice shot". I don't think I've heard anyone say this before, and even the sniper was shocked he said this. He also plays competitive when he is in the mood, everymen time when he asks me to go krits, I do so. It's fun for me and him because he is naturally a good player, and after krits, as I've said, we both go quick fix and Demoman and continue to play and it's pretty damn fun, I must say. He is always talking and enjoying the game.

    After 100's of hours you might say he would get bored of the server, but it's basically his home. It's our home, it's the reg's home, it's everyone's home. But saying that is such a vague statement, every time I'm on, he is in the server. He plays it lots, and so do I. He never gets tired of it and is always in a fun mood. The Goldrush map is a 3 stage map, and it goes by pretty fast depending on the team. Even then, we have lots of scrambles and sometimes we get stuck on the 1st stage of the map 3 times, but yet, he never complains while I have seen other do so. This tells you that he is patient in even the most dire situations.

    Imagine someone waiting for the Doctor for around 45 minutes, and being told you need to wait another 30 minutes. Shots will just go along with it and won't say a word, because that's the way it is. This is the same in-game. I bet this would be the same real life. You would be surprised in knowing the same attitude you have in game would be the same in real life because that's the way it is. You have a good attitude in-game, you have a good attitude in life. You have a good attitude in life, you have a good attitude in-game. Comparing this to the dinner table, waiting for your food for a long time, he won't complain. He knows something may be going on, or they have lots of orders. It is what it is. He is the same in-game, if he known the match is being dragged out even though we are losing badly, he will try his hardest in order to win, I honestly never seen him give up on anything in-game. He has died many times in-game to do what he wanted, and which is to actually play the game. Every time you see him in-game, you will see him trying his best to win and push the cock to the finish point. The same goes for every single map, while you don't see some people pushing it, rather they are goofing off.

    What about the true friends of Shots? I've had the great opportunity to meat Shots cousin, and I really thought it was literally a clone version of him. That's not the point though, his cousin was very well aware on how nice of a reg-community we are, but that's because of Shots. He made us this way due to his niceness and respectfulness. You can ask anyone in the server who is a potential reg and immediately they will agree that Shots is very nice. Even regs who are not regs anymore have respect for him, and the new regs immediately be-friend him. He is all around a very friendly person to new people who come in, not dis-respect come out of his mouth. No matter if you new or old, he will have the atmost respect for everyone in the server.
    I read the last thread on why it was denied, and quite frankly I was shocked. I guess it was due to the lack of reports? I think that's a terrible reason on why NOT to pick a moderator. Recently he has been reporting people because of this, and even making the community server better for us. We occasionally do have that person who spews out racism or mic spams, but Shots takes his time to warn him not to do it, and if it needs to be done, he will report him, or votemenu him. I've seen his reports and they seem correct, and if he becomes moderator, the server will become 100% clean from these toxic members. He is honestly like a father to the server, because of the things he has done for the server itself with his nice personality. If your ever around him in-game you can instantly see how nice of a person he is. Like I said before, if your a reg here or not a reg, he is friendly all around no matter the situation. I still remember we were trying to take attic, and even though we lost miserbly, I was the one getting super mad and pissed, but he was the one who calmed me down.

    Without Shots in the server, I don't know where we would be. I don't what the server state would be in, especailly the criminals running around in the server. I mean the fact that his own cousin plays with him tells you that even his own family wants to play with him. That's how close the server is with the regs, and I don't even consider shots as a reg, I consider him as a super-reg. He is always on and making sure everyone is doing what their supposed to, which is not playing the game, but having a good time. I've seen people who just play the game and take it way to seriously, but he himself plays the game and at the same time, has a very good time playing the game for everyone and himself. He puts everyone first before himself, which you don't see. Imagine this in real life, I bet that if only 1 seat was left in the bus, he would let that other person go in first and he would wait for the other bus. This is who he is, and he also does this in-game, in which he will tell us where to go if it's safe. For example, he noticed that attic was filled with sentries, he told us and we made a game plant go medic and take care of it. He is considerate of everyone and he puts his friends first.

    What can I say? I know I wrote lots, I know this is it. He will never become too far gone, and honestly at this point of stage, most of the regs do not consider Shots as a reg anymore, he considers him family. He is the family of Goldrush LA with all the regs, and he will continue to be the family of the server. It's kind of obvious that Shots should get his moderator position on here. Everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes people don't accept that mistake. Shots accepts his mistakes no matter what, isn't the reason that he made the second thread? I am all for Shots and I am with him 100%, in any situation. I may come of as an ass sometimes, or a sensitive person, but the fact that Shots can control my outcome and calm me down in any situations tells lots about him. I'd give anything for Shots at this point, and some people may call me crazy for doing that over a game, but that's not the point. Some people think they can't change, that their too far gone. Shots has that ability to change a person into a good person, he has the ability to make everyone in a good mood. His personality and his motives are good, and once he gets the moderator position, it will be the same, because he is and will be always the same person. Imagine this; Shots said "Anger makes you stupid. Stupid gets you nowhere." While it might not get you no where, you know that person has issues. However, because of Shot's nice atmosphere, he will turn that evil deed into a good deed, and if he can't, then at least he tried. His attitude lets people's anger go, while other people will not care. Shots is always anger free, never angry. I can talk more about him, but I think I've said enough. I really do hope Shots gets the position, he deserves it and he is a very strong candidate for it. Respect for Shots and everyone in the server, love.

    I have include this essay agian, because deep down, I know what I said was 100% true. Shots did actually need to deserve his position, and I know it. We tend to judge people by their pasts experience. If I want to become a teacher and teach, but I did some bad stuff, their not going to look at that, are they? Denying someones app just because they don't fit the situation or position to me, honestly, is one of the most dis-heartening things that can happen to someone. This is the way the world works now, everything goes back to the original form. If someone gets hurt, they can heal, can they? So why can't the people who got declined from the app? Being declined from an app is like being dumb rated in my opinion, and not only that, but because I got dumb rated in my app shows that people tend to judge peoples by their past. Let it go, I tell my self over and over. It takes one day to let go but people want to push it on. Is this who we really are? Never judge people by their past and let people have multiple chances.
    I did say something and I got publicly embarrassed on the forums because of what I think, in particular to

    Luke, who I hope I am friends with, I don't where to start but I do apologize for whatever I said in terms of your signature and hope that I can get off your sig as soon as possible, but I do want you to know the reason I did what I did was because of the dumb ratings and I am very sensitive to those ratings. Quite frankly, I am not sure if this ratings can be replaced by something else, but I do hope one of the administrators can remove this or repleace it. Sometimes I lose my cool, don't get me wrong, but ANYONE can find peace in themselves. Can you find peace? I think finding peace is one of the most frustrating things to do in this world, because the world we live in is one of the most dangerous places we live in. No matter how dumb something is, we don't judge it by that. People who judge like that should not be taking so lightly and I hope someday you, yourself can find peace and learn not to judge. This is the whole reason we are on this world is to live, not to judge.

    In todays society, we judege, even if don't do it mentalty, we do it physically. This happens lots on the forums, making people feel dumb is the worst thing that can happen to anyone and quite frankly, it needs to stop now. You get stuck in this world, but there is a reason why you have plans. Everyone has plans, but it does not matter if the plans work or not, because you made the plan yourself, right? If I plan to post on the forums, I PLANNED it. I didn't half ass an answer, I tried so hard to make it a comment to get it dumb rated. I get it, people have freedom of speech, but do people have freedom of ratings? Is it right? I naturally don't think it is because this is the way I was brought up. No one is going to get labeled dumb in the real world, and it shouldn't happen on the forums. Reddit does not have a dumb rating option, why should Skial? Are we really that into describing people as dumb? I don't think it's right, but fine. People we are in the 20th century, we need to have respect for others. It's not right.
    I took the libery of reading and article and find it interesting, in other words, this is why everyone needs to be nice to eachother and not mean. We can't keep dumb rating people or else these forums are going to be gone. There is a reason why this forum was VERY popular before everyone started dumping dumb ratings on each other, it creates a very bad atmosphere. . Judging character is entirely subjective. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So are most human attributes. And different business cultures accept different types of behavior.
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  4. Fairnessplease

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    2. Everyone's a jerk sometimes. Even you.

    3. Jerks have a right to work too. And they can be great workers. Bosses, too.

    All that said, there are lots of very good reasons why, all things being equal, you should at least try to be nice to people, especially in this era of social media and political correctness.
    Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying you should be a pushover, a doormat, weak, or any other negative quality that people often associate with being nice. You can be a fierce competitor, a strong leader who fights to win and takes no prisoners, and still be nice. Fair. Professional.

    And you should, because it's good for your career and your business. Not only that, but it'll probably make you happier, too. Here's why.

    Everybody's watching and it lasts a lifetime. Let's face it; when you act like a jerk, you look and sound like a jerk. In the past, folks had to personally see or hear you behaving that way. Now, your behavior can be captured and immortalized for all the world to see forever and ever on video, email, text messages, whatever. Once it's posted on the Internet, it never goes away.

    It motivates, empowers, and inspires people.
    If you're an abusive, egotistical, controlling maniac, it really turns people off. That can't be good for team effectiveness and productivity. On the flipside, positive qualities like being fair and respectful aren't just endearing, they're good leadership qualities, as well.

    Business is all about relationships.
    Business is about transactions, and every transaction has a buyer and a seller. That's a relationship. And relationships are impacted by behavior. Good behavior means good relationships. Bad behavior, well, you get the idea.

    Every company exists in a cooperative ecosystem.
    We work in a complex business world where every company relies on infrastructure, distribution, outsourcing, marketing channels--all sorts of partnerships. And every company has choices of who to work with. If you're a jerk, someone you need may choose to partner with one of your many competitors instead of you.
    Every company exists in a cooperative ecosystem. We work in a complex business world where every company relies on infrastructure, distribution, outsourcing, marketing channels--all sorts of partnerships. And every company has choices of who to work with. If you're a jerk, someone you need may choose to partner with one of your many competitors instead of you.

    Networking spells opportunity.
    Networking and schmoozing have always been critical for recruiting, partnerships, relationships, and gaining exposure to new opportunities. But in the era of social networks, they're even more important than ever. It helps if you've got a genuine sense of humor, humility, and perhaps some other attractive traits.

    Karma: It's not just for the afterlife.
    When we see someone behaving badly, we often ask, "How can he do that? How can he live with himself?" Well, we're not always aware of how we appear to others. We all compartmentalize things we really don't want to be consciously aware of. But here's the thing. On some subconscious level, we usually are aware of what we do. And it sticks with us. Bad behavior doesn't just come back to haunt us. It haunts us in real time, as well. You're just not aware of it.

    Everyone has opinions about others, but must we dumb rate each other? EVERYONE ON THIS FORUMS has opinions on each other, should be like this?

    Your habits of how you treat one person flow into how you treat others. If you cultivate a habit of verbal abuse with jerks, guaranteed you will at some point spew the same vitriol at a friend or family member while under stress or during a misunderstanding. Likewise, if you give the benefit of the doubt to people who appear to be jerks, you will be cultivating a habit of patience and understanding that will enrich all your relationships.

    You may even come to realize that jerks are just like you on a bad day. Or like you might be after tragedy, years of abuse, lack of good role models, or any number of terrible bullets you might have dodged by sheer luck. All of a sudden your world becomes a better place because you're not surrounded by jerks, merely experiencing temperory outbursts from regular people that you can shrug off without getting angry.

    Don't waste time with anger. You may not owe kindness to someone who has been rude to you, but you owe it to your friends and yourself to cultivate a habit of kindness.
    People should be nice to each other for peace and happiness. It is strange that we all speak about this but seldom follows what we speak. We act as per our interests and whims, caring little how our behaviour and deed may affect others. This big world is full of complications and wars for the narrow and selfish attitude that we carry both as a community or individually. A little act of sacrifice or selflessness could have changed the world to a considerable extent.Today we define morality and ethics in the way convenient to our purpose and interest. A smile from the heart, a helping hand or a drop of tear for the pain of ones neighbour are all found in books of Moral Science.

    Lets hope that someday people would behave at the call of heart and not at the impulse of a calculative mind. Let there be reciprocation of love and respect. Since the Sun still rises everyday, we can certainly be hopeful.

    I think people should be nice to each other just for the sole purpose of being nice. It wouldn't be a very enjoyable world if no one was kind enough to lend a helping hand. Being nice for selfish reasons is, in a sense, being nice, but for the wrong intentions.
    being nice to people grows and spreads. it creates a positive atmosphere. this is good for many things like motivating people to do things well. or just to do things. motivating artists to create good art. it also just plain makes life enjoyable, if you are nice to others they are nice to you, and others. plus you get a sense of accomplishment of having helped someone.
    except for the fact that money is necessary, i would much prefer helping someone out for free, doing something for them, helping them, without any obligation, just because you can feel their honest appreciation, and not just quietly receive a checque in the mail.

    But I think the main reason why we should is just that it creates a healthy society, one that is productive, one that is safe where you don't need to worry all the time about someone taking advantage of you, and instead you can feel comfortable in the knowledge that people are looking out for you and if something comes up you can depend on them, just as they can depend on you, when something comes up where you can help them.

    I would much rather live in a place where a stranger is a friend i can depend on, rather than enemy i must protect myself against. being nice to people is how you work at achieving that.
    Ask yourself this, do nice people dumb rate others? Do they? Honestly, because I never heard of anything like that. Nice people NEVER dumb rate others, but instead, give them TIPS. Nice people are becoming extinct. These days whenever I meet someone who is genuinely kind, I stand back in awe and have a desire to preserve them in a museum somewhere—The Nice Person Museum, No More Mr. Nice Guys? I don’t know about the name but I do know that it would have to be in New York somewhere so all of the jerks in this city can go and look at them, and feel really bad about their judgmental attitudes.

    I’m not nice. I mean, I am in the sense that I have a good heart and care about people, but I’m too critical and judgmental to truly earn that adjective. I’m too offended by people’s shortcomings to be an actual nice person. I’ve tried to change this about myself but at this point, it’s become part of my job description to observe and comment on people’s behaviors. That alone immediately makes me exempt from being nice. That being said, I really resent how socially acceptable it has become for everyone to behave like evil nightmares. The worst part is that most of these mean people are also stupid. Being stupid and mean is a dreadful combination but it gets more prevalent each and every day. Bitchy comments dominate people’s Twitters and Facebook walls, and it’s usually coming from the person who has this on their about me page: i’M A bItCh, TaKe IT OR lEAve iT mUAH!" I’ll leave it, thanks.

    It seems like everyone holds being nice in a high regard but no one actually wants to be known as The Nice Person. And who could blame them? It has been engrained in our culture that being nice gets us nowhere. We finish last, we become the boring friend in our social circle. It’s like the kiss of death. And in some cases, it’s a fair assumption. People are interesting because of their opinions, because they have something to say. Nice people are often assumed to have no opinions. They don’t say anything bad about someone, they won’t talk talk crap, which is like the ultimate sin for a twenty-something to commit. If you can’t get all gossip girl with someone, your value diminishes and you aren’t to be trusted.

    I used to not care about nice people. Like many others, I found them to be dull, but then I realized I was only seeing a specific breed of nice. Believe it or not, there are people who are both kind AND interesting. They show us that saying mean things does not make you interesting. On the contrary, it makes you just like everyone else. What I love about these kinds of nice people is that they have no idea that they’re actually nice. It’s just a part of who they are and how they see things. It’s not a conscious decision, it simply makes up the lens from which they see life. These are the people who give nice a good name and inspire us Judge Judy types to chill our dill and treat each other with respect. Want to be truly subversive in today’s society? Stop saying that catty comment about someone you don’t even know. You’ll be totally controversial

    "Thank you" a very nice quote. Why should someone say thank you? Do you think the people who say "thank you" dumb rate people? I don't think they do, and I see the people who dumb rate other people NEVER say thank you.

    You are polite. You say "please" and "thank you" even "excuse me." You try not to be rude to people and you hold the door open for others. But why is it important and what is your reason for being polite?

    Some people are very polite not for others, but for selfish gain. For those people being polite is a "see how good I am" type of act. These people are typically polite to strangers and yet not with their own family. There are some people act polite but only for some sort of reward or self-gratification. Who they will be polite to will depend on what they want, because they only want something for themselves.

    Some people are polite because they were taught to be. There are people who are polite because it helps others. Then other people know a bit of kindness can change the day of another and sometimes even a life.
    If you live a life of saying thank you with a smile or the words, then you could change the world. A simple smile can ripple around the city. Saying thank you with a heart of gratitude can change a life. By saying thank you and meaning it, you could change a very bad day into a day of joy.

    By expressing your gratitude to someone who helped you, you are doing more than saying a basic thank you. You are sharing a bit of your heart. For the person receiving that gift from you, they notice, even if nothing happens that day.
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    The bit of gratitude from the heart will weigh on the heart of the person gifted with it. One day they will question why your "thank you" was so different, why your attitude was so powerful. Once they realize why, a life will be changed.

    Look around at all the things in your life for which you should be thankful. Even if you think you have little to give thanks for, look at the clothes you are wearing, the people who care about you. You can reach out and say thanks to the people in your life, there is a power in the heartfelt words of gratitude.When you start to say thank you for the little things, bigger things have a way of appearing. It will not happen overnight. But by noticing the little things and giving thanks, you become more open to little steps that lead to bigger things.
    If we label people as dumb on the forums, its like labeling someone is BLACK before they get a very good job for themselves. It's just not right. It affects them, saying that their different. This goes for the same as dumb ratings.
    Here is a wonderful story

    If you lined up 1000 randomly selected people from across the earth, none of them would share exactly the same skin tone. You could arrange them from darkest to lightest and there wouldn't be a single tie. Of course, the continuity of skin tone hasn't stopped humans from assigning each other to discrete skin-color categories like "black" and "white"--categories that have no basis in biology but nonetheless go on to determine the social, political, and economic wellbeing of their members.

    Categorical labeling is a tool that humans use to resolve the impossible complexity of the environments we grapple to perceive. Like so many human faculties, it's adaptive and miraculous, but it also contributes to some of the deepest problems that face our species.
    Researchers began to study the major effects of labeling in the 1930s, when linguist Benjamin Whorf proposed the linguistic relativity hypothesis. According to his hypothesis, the words we use to describe what we see aren't just idle placeholders--they actually determine what we see. According to one apocryphal tale, the Inuit can distinguish between dozens of different types of snow that the rest of us perceive, simply, as "snow," because they have a different label for each type. The story isn't true (the Inuit have the same number of words for snow as we do), but research by Lera Boroditsky, a cognitive psychologist, and several of her colleagues suggests that it holds a kernel of truth. Boroditsky and her colleagues asked English and Russian speakers to distinguish between two very similar but subtly different shades of blue. In English, we have a single word for the color blue, but Russians divide the spectrum of blue into lighter blues ("goluboy") and darker blues ("siniy"). Where we use a single label for the color, they use two different labels. When the two shades of blue straddled the goluboy/siniy divide, the Russian speakers were much quicker to distinguish between them, because they had readily available labels for the two colors that the English speakers lumped together as "blue."

    Labels shape more than our perception of color; they also change how we perceive more complex targets, like people. Jennifer Eberhardt, a social psychologist at Stanford, and her colleagues showed white college students a pictures of a man who was racially ambiguous--he could have plausibly fallen into the "white" category or the "black" category. For half the students, the face was described as belonging to a white man, and for the other half it was described as belonging to a black man. In one task, the experimenter asked the students to spend four minutes drawing the face as it sat on the screen in front of them. Although all the students were looking at the same face, those who tended to believe that race is an entrenched human characteristic drew faces that matched the stereotype associated with the label (see a sample below). The racial labels formed a lens through with the students saw the man, and they were incapable of perceiving him independently of that label.

    Race isn't the only label that shapes perception, and a classic study by John Darley and Paget Gross showed similar effects when they varied whether a young girl, Hannah, seemed poor or wealthy. College students watched a video of Hannah playing in her neighborhood, and read a brief fact sheet that described her background. Some of the students watched Hannah playing in a low-income housing estate, and her parents were described as high school graduates with blue collar jobs; the remaining students watched Hannah behaving similarly, but this time she was filmed playing in a tree-lined middle-class neighborhood, and her parents were described as college-educated professionals. The students were asked to assess Hannah's academic ability after watching her respond to a series of achievement-test questions. In the video, Hannah responded inconsistently sometimes answering difficult questions correctly and sometimes answering simpler questions incorrectly. Hannah's academic ability remained difficult to discern, but that didn't stop the students from using her socioeconomic status as a proxy for academic ability. When Hannah was labeled "middle-class," the students believed she performed close to a fifth-grade level, but when she was labeled "poor," they believed she performed below a fourth-grade level.

    The long-term consequences of labeling a child like Hannah "smart" or "slow" are profound. In another classic study, Robert Rosenthal and Lenore Jacobson told teachers at an elementary school that some of their students had scored in the top 20% of a test designed to identify "academic bloomers"--students who were expected to enter a period of intense intellectual development over the following year. In fact, the students were selected randomly, and they performed no differently from their unselected peers on a genuine academic test. A year after convincing the teachers that some of their students were due to bloom, Rosenthal and Jacobson returned to the school and administered the same test. The results were astonishing among the younger children: the "bloomers," who were no different from their peers a year ago, now outperformed their unselected peers by 10-15 IQ points. The teachers fostered the intellectual development of the "bloomers," producing a self-fulfilling prophecy in which the students who were baselessly expected to bloom actually outperformed their peers.
    Labeling isn't always a cause for concern, and it's often very useful. It would be impossible to catalogue the information we process during our lives without the aid of labels like "friendly," "deceitful," "tasty," and "harmful." But it's important to recognize that the people we label as "black," "white," "rich," poor," smart," and "simple," seem blacker, whiter, richer, poorer, smarter, and simpler merely because we've labeled them so.

    Anyone can change, but inorder for someone to change, you must remove the dumb ratings on them. How can someone change when you dumb rate them, it really affects who they are. It totally breaks me when someone dumb rate others, but I believe anyone can change. Your not too far gone, and with that said, I'd like to end with another peaceful soundtrack comparing to Morgan as I said to the above.
    May peace be with you all, and all with peace. Love.
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    It's a rating. Very, very few people ever have any problems with ratings. You're the only person I've seen have a issue with the ratings in a very long time.

    For the record I know fairness is a troll but I gotta bite in case someone actually takes this remotely seriously.
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    I had to employ my extended family just to read the opening paragraph in less than 15 minutes
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  10. Fairnessplease

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    I find it very dis-heartening that I spent almost 1 month on this essay and you just assume that I am a troll. Shame on you.
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  12. chuckwagon

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    I would confess to being an troll, the alternative is worse.
  13. Fairnessplease

    Fairnessplease Rage-Inducing Forum Troll

    The person who declined this, I 100% bet, did not read my whole thread. I bet the person who declined this is NOT at peace. You can change.
  14. DaivdBaekr

    DaivdBaekr Moderator Contributor

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  15. KinCryos

    KinCryos TF2 Admin Contributor Mapper

    this thread needs a TL;DR rating
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  16. Cream Tea

    Cream Tea Banned Legendary Mapper

    We need this.
  17. shoooooooooooooooo

    shoooooooooooooooo Gaben's Own Aimbot Contributor

    how can you care this much about a box
    this is more then i've ever written in my entire life
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  18. Roboute Guilliman

    Roboute Guilliman TF2 Admin Contributor

    Why do we just ban Fairness from the forums so then he doesn't ever have to cry again about getting dumb ratings.
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  19. Faron

    Faron Gaben's Own Aimbot Contributor

    Ok I see the Eastman and Morgan relevance with dumb ratings, kind of. The other third of your dissertation is about Shots Fired. I don't see the correlation between Shots Fired and dumb ratings. Your last 2 posts were too confusing, really.

    All in all, 8/8 m8. Felt like I was reading an essay posted on /b/ about labeling.

    EDIT: Why was this locked I wanted to discuss this extremely developed and well thought-out essay...
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  20. Bottiger

    Bottiger Administrator

    I was going to unlock it but I think I will lock it again because at least half of it is copy and pasted. We do not tolerate gibberish posts like these.
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