Community Servers with a more relaxed casual atmosphere?

I'm a very very very *very* casual player of TF2. I used to be notably more competitive and stove to get really good at the game. Nowadays I just can't muster the fire to improve and just wanna goof around in TF2.

Normally I would lurk around in a Skial 2fort map cause I remember those being more goofy and friendly environments to cool off after actually trying in other servers. However lately I've noted the two I can join with decent ping are not as.... I guess the word would be friendly. Hardly anyone chats in the text, the folks on mic tend to be less than friendly.

So I'm wondering if any of the more socially oriented and relaxed types out there know of good servers to seek out to just goof-off, get some frags and giggles, and otherwise just have fun playin.

Author: EchoV3