Community Event: Season 3 Battle Royale 4v4 Tourmanet! SSD's, prizes! Free to play, all skills welco

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    What & When
    Event Takes place January 31st and February 1st (Saturday and Sunday) 10am - 6pm PST Ending times are approximate
    The EVL Gaming Winter Battle Royale (our third season!) is a laid back 4v4 tournament with a double elimination bracket. Topping the event is a melee-only 16v16 team fight; the perfect way to blow of steam. Expanding out to 256 players on 64 teams, this will be our biggest event yet!

    The grand prize is a 128GB solid state drive for each member of the winning 4v4 team. To help fund the event we're holding a raffle that has multiple drawings between December and February for a whole slew of prizes. Prizes include signed weapons, unusuals, and steam wallet cash. Sometimes you want a place to play away from everyone else; we're also raffling server hosting (TF2, GMOD, Mumble), and a ton of steam games to play as well.

    Tournament Sign-ups are free, with no restrictions on who may enter. You'll need to act fast before all the slots fill up! We're also looking for team captains to lead their team to glory (and perhaps pick up some free swag as well).

    Streaming Coverage
    If you're not interested in playing, you will be interested in watching the games. It will definitely be one hell of a tournament to watch! We've got Turbo_Cop, Melon Overlord, Getawhale, c0ld, and may other casters who will be providing coverage for the entire event! Catch our dVOD's from Season 2 Summer Battle Royale

    The Teams
    But wait... does this mean I will need a premade team? Nope. That's the best part! Teams are generated using a few different algorithms and randomization techniques! This makes sure teams aren't stacked! We promise our officials team will be at least 90% better at keeping teams unstacked than the in-game auto balance!
    Our goal is matching players new to competitive play with veteran players. Everyone has an even footing to play, has fun, and meets new people within the community. Oh, and of course, gets the chance to win some awesome loot in the process.

    Teams will be announced on December 8th so signup before then!

    Signing Up
    If you're interested in signing up, just head on over to You'll need to sign up for an Enjin account, if you don't already have one (just follow the big arrow on the right).

    Once your application is approved for the tournament, we'll plug you into your team dashboard to get you placed with your team and you're ready to play.

    Players are required to play four practice matches between December 13th and January 25th with their teams. If you miss more than two matches you may be dropped from the event! This is a safety-valve to help weed out potential no-shows as early as possible.
    Help us fund our event!

    This winter, we'll be running about 38 TF2 servers all at the same time, full of players! Server hosting, website hosting, and getting prizes (some prizes provided by sponsors, the rest by us) brings our costs up to $600. Some of that is covered by, but the other bits need to be covered by donations and shirt sales.
    Through October 25th we've cut the price of our shirts to $12, including shipping. Shirt sales will score you our basic donor package (which has digital artwork and other swag) as well as an extra raffle ticket! Check out the shirt design on Imgur help us out and purchase a shirt (seriously only $12 and they're good quality shirts too; it's all the rage among our staff).

    All proceeds from the event will help cover our costs, increase the prize pool, and help fund next summer's Battle Royale. Our volunteer staff team of 19 do not receive a dime!

    All Tournament chat communications are handled via a Mumble voice chat. Players unfamiliar with Mumble are encouraged to download it ahead of time.

    Primary game servers are hosted in Kansas City. We have secondary servers available in Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago and New York for players with high or unusual ping. Non-US players are allowed.

    Why are we doing this?
    The EVL Community has had many teams participate in the UGC League, and have helped new players that we met get into the competitive scene. Without outside help, it's nearly impossible to be successful. You may even dislike competitve TF2 for all the wrong reasons if you go it alone. To help we're having a just-for-fun (and some prizes!) tournament to help players test the waters before diving into the competitive arena.

    We're having a casual 4v4 tournament for serious prizes; each member of the winning team gets a 128GB SSD. Event takes place over two days (January 31st - February 1st), double elimination bracket. We have some rules here. Tangible prizes can only be awarded to US-based players; intangible prizes like game keys, partner codes, etc. are awarded to anyone. At the end, when everyone (except the winners) is mad that they lost, we're having a 16v16 melee tournament with shirts and game codes as prizes. It won't take very long. All servers are in Kansas City, MO. We'll be live-streaming the entire event. GG
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    Hey, the tourney is full but I will be casting with them in January. This will be a cool event so stay tuned!
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    Epic meme
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    Wake up everybody. Next weekend the royale will take place. It shall be very exciting and there will be a stream up for everyone to watch as the day progresses. Yours truly will be casting both days. Please come check it out!

    If you have any interest in the competitive scene, please check as it is a fantastic resource for competitive tf2. I hope to see a good turnout for next weekend and for this upcoming UGC seasons.
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