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    All commands work only when you are typing in Steam trade chat. Words in brackets indicate something you should type without the brackets.

    Available currencies:
    • USD
    • BTC
    Remove one of your trades.

    price [a number] [currency, defaults to USD if unspecified]
    Sets the price of your current trade.

    Display your unpurchased tradeids

    buy [tradeid]
    Puts someone's trade on the screen and shows you the price.

    pay [currency]
    Buys the trade currently on the screen. The middleman will accept the trade once you've paid.

    deposit [mtgox code]
    Deposits mtgox code into your middleman balance.

    withdraw [currency]
    Withdraws all you have in one currency into a mtgox code.
    Warning, this can take more than 5 seconds which means your window will close before the code is displayed to you. Use the history command to find it.

    Shows how much money you have.

    Gives you a list of recent mtgox code from your withdrawals in case the trade window closes on accident.
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