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Legendary Skial King
Required information
  • The infringement of the rules in question: let the evidence show clearly and unambiguously what the case is about.
  • The name of the offender: capture the name of the offender together with his offense, this can be while spectating, the kill feed, the name that appears on a spray, ...
  • A screenshot of the status log: open the console default with the ~ or ² key (depends on keyboard, the key under 'Esc') and type status in the console. Press 'Enter' and take a shot of the log.
Steam screenshot
  1. Take a screenshot: the default key is F12.
  2. Retrieval on hard disk: in the Steam client, view > screenshots to open the Screenshot Uploader.
    You can locate them on your hard drive by choosing 'Show on disk'.
  3. Upload to Steam: (press 'Upload' in the Screenshot Uploader) or an image host (for example
Recording (demo)
Team Fortress 2

  1. Open the console, type record demoname and hit 'Enter': you can name the file whatever you prefer by replacing 'demoname'. It is common to name it after the offense or the offender.
    ] record demoname
    Recording to demoname.dem...
  2. Type status in the console. This will give us a list of players in the server with their Account ID.
  3. Close the console, what you see on your screen is being recorded: e.g. if you open the scoreboard, the demo will record it. Same for opening the menu, switching spectated players, ..
  4. Stop recording by entering stop in the console.
    ] stop
    Completed demo, recording time x.x, game frames x.
Retrieval and upload
  1. To locate the demo, go to your Steam folder: default location is C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf on Windows.
  2. Find the file, it is saved as demoname.dem: with 'demoname' the name you chose earlier.
  3. Upload the file to a file hosting website (e.g. MediaFire).
Replay the demo yourself
  1. Open the console, type playdemo demoname and hit 'Enter': with 'demoname' the name you gave to your recording.
  2. There are 2 tools for replaying demos, you can open them by entering demoui or demoui2 in the console: these tools let you pause, rewind, review ticks, ...
  3. Enter stopdemo in the console to stop the replay of the demo.
Additional information about recording demos can be found here.
Recording (video)
  • We also accept video recordings, they can be hosted on YouTube, Google Drive, or Dropbox.
  • The video must have sufficient length to determine if a player has violated a rule, and have good quality and show the in-game Console (via the Status Command) to determine the Steam ID.
  • 1080p is recommended, but 720p is the bare minimum.

Skial Stats
If a player has offended any rule that can be tracked through the player logs (e.g. bypassing afk-manager, intel griefing, being friendly, being racist, ...) it is easy to recover and provide the data in the report. A screenshot is mostly not needed, since the admins can access them easily as well.

Here I will give some more information for those who are new to the system, to easily find your way.

Retrieving a player on Skial Stats

  1. Search a player using his Account ID: every Steam account has his own unique Account ID. With this ID you can never miss, so be sure you copied the correct one and put in nothing but [U:1:12345678].
  2. Search a player based on his player name: be aware that many players on our servers can have similar names, so mostly this is an inefficient way of finding a player. Note that every player has his own ID per game type, so aliases of the same person will all show the same ID.
Method 1 is the preferred and easiest way to look up someones stats. This search will bring up all game modes. TF2 is for all normal servers (e.g. cp_, pl_, plr_, ctf_, koth_, ...), TF2 Custom contains not-standard game modes (Saxton Hale, Death Run and JailBreak), TF2 Trade logically our Trade servers and Idle is for Bottiger's 24/7 Idle.
Contents of Skial Stats

  • Names: the name they use on our servers
  • Events: every action you make in game is registered in this log. It contains kills, deaths, (dis)connects, intel pick-up and drop, ...
  • Sessions : shows when they connected to our server and for how long. It also shows their K/D for the session they were on.
  • Chat History: everything a player types in chat is saved in the player's chat log. The chat log can be filtered for (parts of) words. If you add a * before or/and behind the word, the filter will also show words that contain the filter.
    E.g. Bottiger will be found by filtering for Bottiger, *otti, otti*, *otti*, ... But not by *Bot or tiger*.

If you still have questions regarding the collection of required evidence or reporting, feel free to contact one of our TF2 admins.
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