Resolved Coke-a-cola - Vote Mute Abuse

Discussion in 'Reports' started by SmokeyGlaxay, Aug 24, 2019.

  1. SmokeyGlaxay

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    Vote Mute Abuse

    Player Name:




    Detailed Explanation / Screenshots / Demos:
    [Lord] Coke-a-cola : ur not gud
    (Voice) SnapClapplePop: Thanks!
    #14 [Noob] SmokeyGalaxy : fucking scouts
    mr enderman 22 : !nominate
    ***Second shortcuts opening in 15secs.***
    Slank joined team Zombies
    [UMC] mr enderman 22 has nominated ze_black_lagoon_b2.
    (Voice) CoolEthanGaming: Help!
    [Lord] Coke-a-cola : bro shut up
    [Lord] Dustcan : did scout's just get nerfed?
    [Credits] +50 | SEED BONUS
    [Lord] Coke-a-cola : yes
    #105 [Goblin] SnapClapplePop : Black Lagoon sucks
    (Voice) Slank: Spy!
    [Lord] Coke-a-cola : !votemenu
    ***WashTub leaving in 30secs.***
    Coke-a-cola<350><[U:1:174872798]><> started a vote.
    (Voice) Sark: No
    #105 [Goblin] SnapClapplePop : It is new, but it backcaps automatically
    #14 [Noob] SmokeyGalaxy : bruh
    [Lord] Dustcan : okay his jump getting nerfed might be too much
    bby narwhal has joined the game
    Harrison wells joined team Zombies
    Onespartan92 joined team Zombies
    ***Final Boat leaving in 30secs.***
    #105 [Goblin] SnapClapplePop : bruh
    #14 [Noob] SmokeyGalaxy : coca dont make me report you
    (Voice) Slank: Spy!
    [Lord] Coke-a-cola : for
    ***Gate opening in 30secs.***
    Zombie Escape has new balance changes and the new map black_lagoon. Type !ze to join!
    [SM] "Mute and gag SmokeyGalaxy for Votesilence: spam?" won with 66% of the vote (14 votes)
    [SourceComms] ADMIN: Issued an extended silence on SmokeyGalaxy for 30 minutes (reason: Votesilence: spam).
    [Lord] Coke-a-cola : u keep spamming

    This guy says Im spamming even though Im just criticizing scouts for abandoning the team and how the Nerfs done to him are very poor. Spam would be multiple times a second even though I couldn't even do that because I was playing the game. I don't like reporting people but this was just uncalled for.
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    Reporter Administrator

    Resolved by Phantom 5.0
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