Truly Feared Pyro
Name carbonpanda

Summary Sniper killshot behaviour


When did this happen? January 5 approx 7pm (DST) Pacific

Which server did this happen on? 2 Fort+ | LA ( )

Any other information
He played sniper main and noticed after each kill shot, his sniper rifle automatically recoils upwards towards the ceiling before he re-engages for his next killshot to the opponent's heads. It seemed rather odd so I recorded 2 demos for your review. Perhaps, this may become an invalid report because I haven't witnessed this kind of sniper behaviour before in other past server visits.

Another player as per chatlogs below, also noticed his sniper behaviour

Carbon - Advance to 1100, 5000 & 8100

Carbonpanda - Advance to 1448 & 19222


2FORT+ | LA █████01/05/2022 - 07:49:13 PMSummer of Standing 69was curious why you were lookking straight up like bots do
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TF2 Admin
That's just a form of disrespect or humour to do after kills, he seemed to do that manually

If you record suspected cheaters it's better to go spectator