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    I play on all 3 Skial 2Fort+ servers. Each has their own personality. Even though I live on the east coast US, I consider LA to be the "main" one. Since SourceOP's 2Fort server lost its soul years ago, Skial 2Fort LA+ is home to the community that plays the map religiously. NY does not have the same strong community, but it does stay populated at least for east coast gaming hours.

    The EU server, OTOH, is kind of a circus. Of the many illusions TF2 has stripped from me over the years (the stereotype of Canadians being polite is a big one) none have been writ larger than the idea that Europeans are better behaved online than Americans. We in the US of A may have an international reputation for being fat, dumb and boorish (and I know I do my part to maintain that image) but when it comes to toxic behavior in TF2, we can't hold a candle to our European brethren.

    With that said, I have observed some fantastic antics on Skial's 2Fort+ EU server over the years. Quite recently I encountered a Heavy main that was laying waste to my entire team. He had seven dominations at one point and regularly went on 30+ killstreaks. He didn't get me once because I play like a complete defensive asshat and never ventured into the sewers. After he hit a 40 KS, I did become sufficiently curious to switch to spectate and observe him.

    Firstly, he had a vaccinator medic up his ass who knew exactly what he was doing. There is no middle ground with vax medics. They are either a waste of a player slot who can never select the right resistance, or fun ruining cretins who but the kibosh to all demo spam and sniper headshots. His pocket medic explained about half of DjAr's success. I ended up spectating him for half an hour trying to discern the rest.

    DjArs plays like someone with many hours as Heavy. His account reports 1000s, but more on that later. He never stays spun up for long, does quick switches to GRUs to escape, and pushes towards enemies very aggressively. He also always throws his medic a sandvich and carefully spychecks allies behind him. As I watched him, I didn't see anything suspicious other than how readily he was mowing down the enemy team. While I was watching him there was much trash talking and hackusations from the players on the opposing team. One said he was "doing damage while looking at the sky." I'm not sure what that means.

    Now just so we're clear, I am not accusing DjArs of cheating. This is not a report. I don't have sufficient evidence to mount a case either way. I've been a community server admin for 5 years now and I've spectated countless cheaters and many very skilled legit players. I can usually tell the difference, but there are of course subtle cases where I can't tell for sure.

    Let's go over some numbers. DjArs has some fairly insane stats on Skial:
    Nearly 7.5 KDR and 2.75 KPM. Those are hacker numbers. Those are RAGE hacker numbers. I've checked the stats on 100% rage hackers who got banned by SMAC on my server and they don't have numbers that good, and that's playing insta-headshot sniper, not (presumably) legit heavy.

    Some other data points on (in)famous Heavy mains. Anyone remember Spawn Camping Heavy (now known as Lord Exor or "Valve Sucks")? He uses 3 monitors and has a 270ยบ FoV. He also purportedly tracks enemies like a mini sentry on Adderall. His Skial stats are impressive, but pale in comparison to DjArs: (3.24 KDR / 2 KPM).

    Another Heavy main who is less well known these days is Ivo, later known as Scotsman, currently Grinch. He's the terror of Turbine, and has over 500,000 kills on his minigun (ya rly). His stats are amazing: (5.68 KDR / 2.24 KPM) but still well below DjArs.

    DjAr's account has some odd numbers on it as well. It's a 4 year old account (June 25, 2014) with 4700 hours in TF2. He's clearly used SAM (Steam Achievement Manager) on his TF2 achievements which in and of itself means nothing. I've noticed most cheaters in TF2 SAM their achievements, but that doesn't mean most people with SAM'd achievements are cheaters.

    His hours in TF2 are a bit odd as well. As I mentioned, he's got over 4700 hours in-game, and 2360 of them are as Heavy: He also, ahem, visited a strange farming server at some point. TF2 only counts hours toward a class when the player is alive. Grinch, who has been playing TF2 since 2011 and has over 4500 hours in-game has 2756 hours as Heavy:

    It'd hard for me to draw concise conclusion here, but besides his insane KDR and KPM stats, there are some obvious indicators WRT DjArs. This is clearly not his first Steam account. No one signs up for Steam and SAMs all of their TF2 achievements a week later on their first account. I also wonder if he didn't use a 3rd party app to add hours to his game time. There are apps that will increase the hours played in any Steam game. SAM itself can increment forward any TF2 stat. I cannot say for sure that DjArs did any of this, but he has what I'd characterize as a LOT of hours in game and as Heavy in a 4 1/2 year period.

    My gut feeling here is that there's something off, but I don't know what it is. I spent well over half an hour spectating him (and seldom had to switch views because of how rarely he died.) He did not exhibit any wall hacking behavior, could not see cloaked spies and spy checked his teammates often. I cannot say if he's using an aimbot. Subtle aimbot on Heavy is really difficult to detect. There are still a few cheats that manipulate bullet spread, but that is even harder to detect unless one is on the receiving end of it.

    So, Skial regulars, have you ever encountered DjArs? What do you think about him?
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    I remember a godlike Heavy on Harvest, who did exactly what you've described, but what you're explaining (His mannerisms, skill, etc) Don't really scream "Hacker" to me. It seems like he's a seasoned player and that could be an Alt or it could be a hacker who plays heavy ALOT and knows the in's and out's of the play style.(I main heavy on Nucleus so I know the feeling of playing that headache of a class"
    But as a 3rd option, he could very well be good, skilled as all hell, and the enemy could be incompetent to him. As you said, its a close knit community, which isnt without regulars, so maybe he has a static higher skill level than everyone else who plays that server. He also has a competent medic behind him, as you've described, so maybe its 2 buddies playing on alts to troll or mess with the server. Thats about all I can guess from this information, I might have some SLIGHT bias as a heavy main, but I wish you luck in combating this type of person.
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    What exactly is the objective of this thread then
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    An annoying player on a Skial 2fort server that gets crazy amount of kills, wow never heard of that before :kissingsmiling:, looks like he's just a good player and loves the troll game.
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