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Want-Dota2 BUYING: DOTA & CSGO Items with TF2 Metal.

Discussion in 'Dota 2 - Sales' started by CARNEE, Jun 29, 2017.


    CARNEE Mildly Menacing Medic Contributor


    How it works?
    ▒ Resume ▒

    ▬ Wall-e Zeta is trading CSGO and DOTA2 Items using TF2Metal as currency.

    ▒ Rates ▒
    ■ 1.00 Refined Metal BUYING ►► $0.08 USD (Steam Market)
    ■ 1.00 Refined Metal SELLING ►► $0.11 USD (Steam Market)
    FAQ→ What this means?
    □ We are selling 1.00 of metal as $0.11 USD in DOTA2 or CSGO Items.
    □ We are buying 1.00 of metal as $0.08 USD on ours DOTA2 or CSGO Items.

    ▒ Things to know ▒
    ∆ We are taking only items that:
    → Worth more or equal as $0.07 USD
    → Exists atleast 50 items in sell on Steam Market

    TF2 OP

    This bot is owned and developed by Tomás
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