Borderlands 2 Loot Hunt

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    This is copypasta from their website, it started today. Looks rather cool, it seems to be a bounty hunting thing with a different target each day. Completing each one will gain you another ticket for a chance to win prizes.

    Being a Borderlands 2 fan myself, I'm gonna be all over this lol.

    If you're interested in shooting things in the face, picking up loot, and then shooting NEW things in the face with the NEW loot you picked up, then congratulations – your face is about to be blown right the heck off because...
    Fame, fortune, and loot – both in-game and real-world – are up for grabs by doing just that! Here’s how to join in:
    • Register to participate HERE
    • Play Borderlands 2 each day while logged in to SHiFT and complete the Daily Target for your chance at in-game and real-world loot totaling $100,000 in prizes!
    Oh, and don’t be surprised if during the course of this some of the bajillion weapons on Pandora suddenly become more powerful – keep an eye on the NEWS SECTION for more on that... READ THE OFFICIAL RULES HERE