best way to get profit for a noob?

Discussion in 'Trade Chat' started by Milk Carton, May 28, 2020.

  1. Milk Carton

    Milk Carton Scarcely Lethal Noob

    i'm new to trading
  2. herp 105.4

    herp 105.4 Sufficiently Lethal Scout

    ask nich
  3. Droplet

    Droplet Totally Ordinary Human

    ask nich
  4. Nicholas771212

    Nicholas771212 TF2 Admin

    Spell trading is fun. Many people don't know the value so its easy to buy and resell. Foot prints are usually very easy to resell for the right price especially if its a misc. Voices on popular cosmetics and all class are also quite profitable. For paint spells look at the paint region, the larger the reason the better. For example the bruisers bandana is quite a good sell, ive managed to buy 3 for 4 and sell each for 9+ keys. Quite uncommon but you may be able to find glitched EOTL spells, which can range anywhere from 20 keys to 1600 keys, depending on the item.
    Low crafts are a bit harder but manageable. Much more of a niche item but if you find the right person they can pay quite a bit. They generally are worth a key each unless they are ultra low craft or specific numbers. (eg 69, 42, or someones collecting a specific number). Low crafts are from 1-10 and generally go for a few keys for 4-10, and can range in large amounts of prices for 1-3.
    I find unusual trading quite annoying but quite profitable. Miscs and Halloweens are generally the easiest to make profit but it is possible with super low tier. Buying items a little over buy order is a good way to start, as you can list them on and use a promo code to get an extra key for free when you buy 10 at once, which results in more profit.
    For low tier trading, the motto buy low sell high applies. I find stock stranges sell easiest and generally are easier to profit off of. Popular hats are also a nice place to start, but painted hats can fetch quite a good price for cheap. Many traders don't add value for their paint and charge base price, so its an easy resell.

    (god idk why you made me type out this whole thing herp and droplet)

    Anyway, trading is usually learnt best from your experiances on what you find are easy and hard to sell. Try from there and work yourself up.
  5. herp 105.4

    herp 105.4 Sufficiently Lethal Scout

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